NEW FROM LIBERTY FUNDnTHE ETHICS OF REDISTRIBUTIONnby Bertrand de JouvenelnIntroduction by John GraynThe distinguished French political philosopher Bertrand denJouvenel shows, through many varied and insightful arguments,nthat redistribution is ethically indefensible for, and practically unworkablenin, a complex society. In fact, it would result, not in thenredistribution of income, but in the redistribution of power fromnindividuals and the marketplace to the State and centralized decisionmaking.n”This seminal little work remains extraordinarily fertile andnsuggestive of further thought and inquiry as we can see fromnits many points of affinity with the more recent work ofnBuchanan, Hayek, Nozick, Rawls, and others. It is annimportant contribution to discussion about the redistributionistnstate and its’ implications for liberty.”n—John Gray, from his new Introductionn98 + xviii pages. Foreward and preface to the 1st Edition,nintroduction, appendix, index.nHardcover |il2.00 0-86597-084-xnPaperback $ S.OO 0-86597-085-8nLiberty/’mj, 1989nALSO AVAILABLEnWHAT SHOULDnECONOMISTS DO?nBy James M. BuchanannPreface by H. Geoffrey Brennan andnRobert D. TollisonnSixteen essays on the relevance of economics fromnthe 1986 Nobel Prize winner in economics.n292 pages.nLibertyPrew, 1979nPlease send rrie:nQuantity.nOrdered TidenThe Ethics of RedistributionnWhat Should Economists Do?nTeacher in AmericanHardcover ^14.00nPaperback $ 6.50neditionnHardcovernPaperbacknHardcovernPaperbacknHardcovernPaperbacknPricen$12.00n$ 5.00n$14.00n$ 6.50n$14.00n$ 6.00nSubtotalnIndiana residents add 5% sales taxnTotalnTEACHERnAMERICAnBy Jacques BarzunnWith a new Introduction bynthe authornDr., Barzun writes about teaching, as it is done, as itnshould be done, and as it should not be done.n476 + xx’i pages. Hardcover |114.00nLibertyPr«j, 1981 Paperback $ 6.00nAmountnD Enclosed is my check or money order made payable to.’nLiberty Fund, Inc.nn Please send me a copy of your current catalogue.nNamenAddress -nCitynState/ZipnWe pay book rate postage.nPlease allow approximately 4 weeks for delivery.nAll orders must be prepaid in U.S. dollars.nnnMail to: Liberty Fund. Inc.n7440 North Shadeland Avenue. Dept. BBl 15nIndianapolis. IN 46250n