We Can C^e You Six NewnReasons to Subscribento THE ROCKFORD PAPERS.nWe think THE ROCKFORD PAPERS’new sixpartnseries will give you six reasons to put us onnyour permanent reading list.nThe series is called “The MonumentalnLiterature of Dwarfs.” In it we try to undo whatnthe liberal culture has done to contemporarynAmerican literature.nSix critics re-examine the work and reputationsnof a group of celebrated modem authors.nn KURT VONNEGUT. Is he a great writer or angreat fabrication? Gary Vasilash begins ournseries with a look at a litterateur never wellnexplained but always well sold by the liberalnreviewers.nc^ WILUAM STYRON. Is he merely a palenshadow of Faulkner? What makes him soncovetous of the New York cultural establishment’snapproval? In the May issue, VirginiannJames J. Thompson, Jr., reflects ufxjn thenconflict between the guilt and the ambitions ofna writer who tumed his back on the South.n^ MARO-YM FREIiCH and MARY GORDON.nAre their novels literature or feminist brochures?nBetsy aari