people.) Our societ)’ has yet to appraisernthe eonsequences of sueh immigration asrnwe are experiencing. How to appraisernthose conseqnenees and, one of theserndays, aet on them? Be reading, amongrnothers, Cliilton WilHamson.rna Frodo Ijives,” we used to read onrnrestroom and alley walls. Hell,rncommon sense lives: tough-minded, stiffneckedrncommon sense, the kind thatrnsays, I don’t care what they tell yon onrnNPR, thk is how things really are. To thisrnmission the paleocons, bless ’em, with allrntheir quirks and c|uibbles, have set theirrnhand. One of their most lovable traits isrnthat they speak the truth. That showsrnyou, right off, the prospects they enjoy asrna movement.rnYes, Ch’dc Wilson (“Restoring the Republic”)rncries out for “a return of powerrnto the many,” “a renewal, a true returnrnto roots,” the substitution of “libertyrnfor equality as our chief goal.” Yes,rnSamuel Francis (“Nationalism Old andrnNew”) argues for “a long counter-marchrnthrough the institutions of the dominantrnelite” and recreation of “an ethic of solidarityrnand sacrifice.” Considering howrnlong the “progressives” have been runningrnthings, manifestos like these partakernof whistling past the graveyard. But it isrnmelodious whistling, a joy to the ear.rnSubstitute liberty for equality? It is notrngoing to happen, ever. Unless you talkrnabout it. I h e talk here is what matters.rnAnd the spankings. Archly, and withrnappropriate satisfaction, the editor ofrnChronicles, Thomas Fleming, administersrnthe board of education to the seat ofrnnaivete — the common presumption,rnamong well-intentioned religious folk,rnthat it is more important to keep badrnbooks out of libraries than to introducerngood books to those same institutions.rnAiming another telling blow, Fleming assertsrnthat lait}’ and preachers “are too busyrnwith stewardship, financial planning, andrnbingo.”rnSo there is an action program for yournafter all: Make good books more available.rnAnother program exists: homeschooling.rnHomesehooler Allan Carlson’srnessay on the topic is invigorating.rn”What delights me about homeschoolingrn—speaking from an outside perspecfivern—is that the government, as much asrnit hates to see you doing it, cannot makernyou stop.rnNo book of principled protest wouldrnbe complete without Russell Kirk andrnM.E. Bradford. Both appear here to advantage.rnKirk’s paean to tradifion is, ifrnpossible, more appealing now than whenrnfirst printed in 1989, and Bradford is asrnenlightening as you would expect him tornbe on why the American experience isrnconservative.rnI do not agree (hold those spears, folks)rnwith everything written and asserted inrnThe Paleoconservatives. Who eould? Paleoeonservatismrnis less a philosophy thanrna vital instinct —emphasis on “vital.”rnThe truths, the manners, and mores thatrnlived among us in the beginning eouldrnlive again. Some water is all it wouldrntake, and a lot of love.rnn ^ 1 ‘ V ^rn• 1rnHrn^H ^rn• ^rnI Hrn1 ‘ – irn• -. -1rn1 ”^Ss»rntrn•” ? Me.–rn• ‘ – ^rnf%# ^^«f •rn”^ 1 • ” l : ;rn1 irnmrn^rn^EpHHRm^^B^ arn__ _.. i.^wfajw^?’ .jS^M^MBKUtrnI^HHBp^^rnHi^^’^W-^’ ^rn^^^KSS^trn”^ -^L^Uf- “‘Spsiiirn^ • • ^ * » ‘Mrn-SfS m^rn^m-^. S:rnB^^^r i^Xf.^^m’ “^4 H^^r jflHlrJ^HK 4 9rnr^^Vklrn,k i ‘*”‘ jL.-rnH^HT ^-t ^SBfSSirn1 5MAIN STREET^rnTHE MAIN STREET SPEAKERS BUREAUrnAnarcho-Tyranny, the Balkans, Bullfighting,rnCrime, the Culture War, Defense, Education,rnFederalism, Fertility, Gambling, Greek, Guns,rnHomo Economicus, Immigration, the InterstaternHighway System, Islam, Judicial Tyranny, Kosovo,rnLatin, Lyric Poetry, Marriage and Family, MiddlernAmerican Rebels, Nationalism, the Old West,rnPolities, Private Justice, Quantum Mechanics,rnRevenge, School Consolidation, Subsidiarity,rnthe Tenth Amendment, Trade, the UnitedrnNations, Vouchers, Welfare, the X-Files, Yugoslavia,rn7 ‘ s ‘rniljonmg . . .rnIs there anything Chronicles editors can’t speak on?rn(Okay, we’re still looking for a physicist.)rnlANUARY 2000/31rnrnrn