disc jockey. But another tack is taken innthe discourse before thought on thatnsubject progresses: Donoghue announces,n”I want to talk about the arts innrelation to the mystery that surroundsnthem.” Surrounds them? What happenednto “in” them? Never mind. We’re dealingnwith obscurities here. One thing is evident,nthough: the mystery is becomingnincreasingly difiuse, cloudy, spectral. InnDonoghue’s scheme it’s almost as if criticsnshould be replaced by parapsychologists.nI’ure Driix’lnTill’ Icminihi nuivfiiicnt li;is liillcii onnhiird liiiK-s. .Many of llic inlellfi’lualnlfailLT> (illlic iii(>L’ni(.-iit arc ah:iiid<)iiiii}>nilu- haiili-lickl and witlKlrawing m thcnsniig fasincssi-s (il Taiuasy and M’lt-n};ratitii’ali(in. Sonic ilrcarn oi’onci.’ andnt’liuirc .ma/onian kinjidonis nilcd hynwomen. Ollicrs plan lo cn};ini-i:r llu-irnandrogynous land ol’lii-ari’s ilcsiri- withnthe nJglHinari- technology of/» rilri)nIcriili/aiion, hormone injections, andnahorlion. hi the flight Irom reality. .Mar>nDaly is Icailing the advance guard innphilosophy and theology. In I’lirc l.nsi:nr.k’nwntcilii’iniiusll’hih>s(>l)hy[\:M:i.mnI’ris.s: ISoslon ). she iiivenis an entiren.spiritual iinixerse of Kealins luiil Spheres.nI’lciiienials. i’riniipalilies.anili-‘ouers.ibnlepri-sent this new world, she has h:id lonereali- a hranil nes’ langu.ige which mightnhe called (iutespi-ak. (iiilespeak containsnni-v ilisciplines—I \ n l-.cology. new ps •nchoiogical concepts—^Sado-Mihiimalion.nand iK-w puhlishing liiins—a