In a curiously schizophrenic article in Ms. entitled “The Uses of Chastity and Other Paths to Sexual Pleasures,” Ger­maineGreer, long time radical feminist, agonized over how young women are “jeopardizing their health and fertility with potent medications and mischievous gadgetry” in the sterile sexual frenzy she helped initiate a decade ago. Unable to admit that she might have been wrong about the Western mores she helped dismantle, Ms. Greer continues her attack against every Western norm that denies “the right to sexual activity,” while she simultaneously lauds Third World forms of chastity as wonderful and worth preserving for “young people born into” such cultures. For those reborn into the anticultural “permissive lifestyle” still advocated for Ms. readers, Ms. Greer suggests only curtailing vaginal sex. Other types of sex are positively encouraged, with the “strategies” employed by homosexuals held up for particular emulation. As a justification for experimenting with what has traditionally been called perversion, Ms. Greer offers this rationale:

Sex is no more unintelligent or unsophisticated a pastime than conversation, or at least it shouldn’t be.         

Does this mean professional hookers should be compelled to read Voltaire, Shakespeare, and Montaigne? Or would Harold Robbins and Danielle Steele do?