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As I understand gun control, the idea is to disarm criminals unless they work for the government.

Police used to see their duty as to protect people.  Since the feds took over training them, more and more of them think their job is to swagger, push people around, and make military-style assaults.

An Obama spokesperson was asked what the “economic stimulus” program will do for our poor state.  The reply: more food stamps and other welfare and more unemployment benefits.  Granted for a moment this may be necessary or even good, I fail to see how it “stimulates” a falling economy.  Even the vile practice of guaranteeing that bankers and stockbrokers stay wealthy despite their disastrous misbehaviour might be more of a “stimulus.”

The musician Mr. Quincy Jones thinks that America needs a Minister of Culture.  That might be worth discussing if America had a culture.

Can someone please tell me what improvement has been achieved in Rhodesia and South Africa by black majority rule?  (Making Western absentee moralists feel virtuous does not count.)

This will probably go in my already stuffed file in the “Justice” Department, but I have to say it.  The president of Russia is a much better man than the last four U.S. presidents.

I see where the Republicans are starting to kick up a fuss about Obama as they did about Clinton.  So they can get in and do the same thing as Clinton and Obama—or worse.

Anybody who believes that Mexican immigrants have improved American “family values” will believe anything.

It would have been cheaper than the current bailout if the government had bought a free house for every minority member in the U.S.  But that would not have diverted immense profit to the “financial sector”—which was the point, after all.

That’s what I call state capitalism.  Another example.  Drug companies can be subsidised by the government, but the government cannot control their prices—that would be socialism of the wrong kind.

Your benevolent feds have announced a goal that “everybody in America” have access to broadband.  What I want to know is whether “everybody in America” includes millions of illegal aliens.  It must do so, because your government would never be so insensitive as to discriminate between citizens and aliens.  But if that is so, the goal is unreachable because the supply of illegal aliens to be added to the population is inexhaustible.  It seems we have already encountered this problem in trying to make sure “everybody in America” has affordable health care and a home of his own.

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