What Is History? Part 11

Clyde N. WilsonThe great events of the world take place in the brain. —Oscar Wilde

A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.  —G.B. Shaw

. . . a brave nation fights only because it must; a cowardly nation fights because it can.  —Ilana Mercer

War is a racket. It has always been. —Gen. Smedley D. Butler

We can now see how the reporting of the past is conditioned by the biases and cowardices of the present. —Christie Davies

The attempt to govern too much has produced every civil war that has ever been. —Nathaniel Macon

We underestimate the power of music and its rhythms at our peril. —James V. Schall

History must be constantly corrected and moderated by the seeing and handling of things. —Belloc

Neither black self-esteem nor racial reconciliation is advanced by a wholesale condemnation of the Old South. Understanding the full complexity of race relations in that society may be a prerequisite for building a more harmonious future.
Mark Royden Winchell

. . . luxury and corruption . . . seem the inseparable companions of commerce and the arts —Richard Jackson

The discovery of elements of common human frailty in the foe . . . creates attitudes which transcend social conflict and thus mitigate its cruelties. —Reinhold Niebuhr

Dessicated culture at one end and stark utility at the other have created a deadlock in the American mind, and all our life drifts chaotically between the two extremes. —Van Wyck Brooks

If only Longstreet had . . . . —O. Henry

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