Lies, Damn Lies,rnand Absurditiesrnby Loxlev F. NicholsrnRecmering American Literaturernhy Peter ShawrnChicago: Iran R. Dee;rn203 pp., $22.00rnDespite its optimistic title. RecoveringrnAmerican Literature is realhrnal)out the seerit’ of illness, the magnitudernof loss. In a book \’eighted with e -rnidencc. Peter Shaw shous how literaturernhas suffered b- suberting art to polities.rnSubstituting the dogma of politicalrncorrectness for uniersal themes andrnmctapln sieal questions, academies sincernthe 196(l’s hae been reinterpreting thernmasterpieces of our literature soleK’ asrntest