America Firstrnby Congressman James TraficantrnOn Michael New-rnOn January 24, I introduced a resolution condemning therncourt-martial in Germany of U.S. Army Specialist MichaelrnNew, who refused to wear the insignia of the I’nited Nations onrnhis uniform. My resolution, coauthored with CongressmanrnRoscoc Bartlett (Republican-Maryland), calls on PresidentrnClinton to vindicate the principle under which Michael Newrnmade his refusal, to take action to override Specialist New’srnconviction, and to restore Specialist New to his position in thernArm with honor.rnSpecialist Michael New is a twice-decorated soldier. He wasrnscheduled to go to Macedonia with his unit as part of a IhiitedrnNations peacekeeping mission, and he was more than willing tornserve there with his unit. Specialist New, however, refused tornwear the blue beret and shoulder patch of the United Nations,rnbasing his refusal on the fact that he had enlisted in the Armyrnas a volunteer to protect and serve the Vnited States—not thernLlnited Nations.rnThe United Nations Participation Act of 1945 prohibits thernuse of the U.S. Armed Forces in U.N. deployments unlessrnCongress approves of the participation agreement in advancernbv appropriate act or joint resolution. The deployment ofrnAmerican troops to Macedonia has never been approved byrnCongress. Both the Constitution and existing American lawrnprohibit members of the U.S. Armed Forces from receivingrnbadges or insignia from a foreign government, including any internationalrnor multinational organization whose members includernany unit of a foreign government, without the consent ofrnJames Traficant is a United States Congressman (Democrat)rnfrom Ohio.rnCongress. The use of U,N. insignia and uniforms by U.S.rntroops has never been approved by Congress. The Army’s actionrnin compelling Michael New to wear the U.N. insignia onrnhis uniform was therefore unconstitutional.rnWhat has this country come to when we allow a decoratedrnAmerican soldier to be court-martialed and drummed out ofrnthe Army for refusing to wear a foreign uniform? The only peoplernwho should be court-martialed are the bureaucrats in thernArmy who allowed Michael New to be tried and convicted.rnMichael New is an American hero, and I will continue to do everythingrnI can to reverse his conviction and ensure that nornAmerican soldier is ever forced to wear a foreign uniform again.rnProtecting Our BordersrnLast year 1 introduced legislation that would authorize the Pentagonrnto redeploy American troops stationed in Europe to assistrnfederal law enforcement officials patrolling America’s Southernrnborder. E’ery day dangerous criminals pour into our countryrnthrough our border with Mexico—unchallenged.rnMy bill authorizes the Secretary of Defense—at the requestrnof the Attorney General—to transfer up to 10,000 Americanrntroops stationed in Europe back to the United States to assistrnthe Border Patrol and the Immigration and Naturalization Servicernin preyenting illegal aliens, drug traffickers, and terroristsrnfrom entering our country. The bill would also allow Americanrntroops to assist the Customs Service in inspecting cargo, vehicles,rnand aircraft at points of entry into the United States.rnLet’s be candid. The Border Patrol has only 3,800 personnelrnto guard the two longest borders of one of the largest countriesrnof the world. Reports indicate that, at any given time, only 800rnpatrolmen are available to protect our 2,000 mile border withrnMAY 1996/19rnrnrn