BRIBEMASTERS by Michael Wardern’The devil’s boots don’t creak.’n— Scottish proverbnMany who take money from him, attend his conferences,nor publish their articles in his publications willnpoint to his anti-Communism. Others support the civilnliberty issues he seems to embody. Some reassure themselvesnby seeing the influential people with whom he travels.nA few employ the rationale of the lesser evil: the powers thatnbe are so malevolent that collaboration with him to obtainnresources for a worthy project is justifiable. Still, thenclergymen, scholars, policy analysts, journalists, and thenhosts of others who have been taking large amounts ofnmoney from him might do well to consider Sun MyungnMoon’s purpose, beliefs, and methods.nFrom the Divine Principle — Moon’s statement of theologynthat he and his followers regard as the CompletenTestament (after the Old and the New Testament) — wenread that the ideal form of government is “theocraticnsocialism.” This is a rule of saints who will gather aroundnthe Second Coming of Christ to establish the Kingdom ofnGod on earth. Christ, as the visible expression of God, willnbe analogous to the brain and the saints to the nerves in thisnideal body politic.nThe Messiah will, in accordance with God’s Providencenof Restoration, have been born in the chosen nation ofnKorea between the years 1917 and 1930. Moon, of course,nwas born in Korea in 1920. In addition to these and manynother hints in the Divine Principle, in his talks and by hisnactions in various church ceremonies and administration.nMoon leaves absolutely no doubt about his Messianic claim,nalthough making such a claim in public would be terriblynbad form.nWhen will the Kingdom come? At one point Moonntaught it would come in 1960; later it was pushed back ton1981 and then 1984. The Kingdom keeps being pushednback because the followers aren’t measuring up to thenrequired standards of faith and deeds and the level ofnsacrifice needed for its establishment and success. Thennthere is the further problem of Christians and America notnheeding the call. The diaspora and the Holocaust, accordingnto Moon, stem from the refusal of the chosen nation ofnIsrael to accept Jesus Christ. If America and Christians donnot respond to Moon, they can look forward to a fate muchnworse than the Jews.nFew Americans — whether they are anti-Communists ornaging civil rights leaders — pay much attention to Moon’sntheology. Some believe it is simply a sham to gain Moonnwealth and power. Others find his ideas so unusual that theynare dismissed out of hand as syncretistic and harmlessnheresy. Yet the movement devotes enormous resources tonthe spread of the ideology in lectures, books, videotapes, andnaudiotapes. Members spend much time memorizing thesenMichael Warder is executive vice president of ThenRockford Institute and was formerly an official in thenMoon movement.nideas, lecturing them, and finding corroborating evidence. Itnwould be a mistake to disregard Moon’s theology asnunimportant, since it is a major component of the movement.nAs to wealth and power. Moon makes no apology fornhis effort to gather these. You need all the wealth and powernin the wodd if you are lord of the universe and your missionnis to establish the Kingdom of God on earth. People whoncome into contact with the Moon movement often sensenthere is a hidden agenda behind the immediate cause fornrelating to a member of the movement, but they can’t quitenput their finger on it. Outsiders are treated like honorednguests in the hope that they will convert and bring theirnfriends along. If famous professor Y participates in anpublication or conference but shows little interest in joiningnthe inner core, perhaps he will lead to professor X, who will.nOutsiders who participate in Moon front groups perform annumber of functions: They prevent the inner core fromnbeing isolated from the greater society; they provide legitimacynto Moon and his movement to other outsiders; theynreinforce the members’ and potential members’ faith innMoon; and they provide a continual supply of potentialninner members. The outsiders also contribute their specificnexpertise to Moon organizations which shadow all thenorganizations of normal society in such diverse areas as:nreligion, education, business, media, politics, and the performingnarts. These front groups serve as training groundsnand perhaps the actual institutions which one day willnreplace their extant Satanic counterparts on the road to thenKingdom.nThere are literally hundreds of these organizations, whichnall reinforce one another, with key Moon operatives sittingnon their boards. For example, the Washington Times, thenNew York City Tribune, and the magazine Insight arenowned by News World Communications, which, in turn, isnowned by One-Up Enterprises, which is owned by thenultimate holding corporation, Unification Church International.nWhen leaders of the Washington Times say thennewspaper is separate from the “church” and is funded bynbusinesses of church members, there is a grain of truth to itnbecause the paper is a business, as are News WorldnCommunications and One-Up Enterprises. For its part,nUnification Church International has only Koreans on itsnboard, with Mrs. Moon as its nominal chairman. Despitenthe name, UCI does not function as a church. It is more ofnan international clearinghouse for many of the movement’snactivities, including the businesses. Although Moon’s namenmight not appear on the flow charts of this organizationalnscheme to protect him, he is the acknowledged founder ofnsome of these organizations. In an operative sense. Moonnowns all of these enteirprises because no major decisionsnabout personnel or money are made without his personalnapproval.nThis brief outline in no way does justice to the countlessnorganizations Moon has begun. Still, some of the businessesnnnJUNE 19881 31n