VIEWSrnThe Ingersoll PrizesrnTenth Presentationrn1992rnFrom the left: Dr.Thomas Fleming, executive secretary of the Ingersoll Prizes-rnMrsMuriel Spark, recipient of the ‘i [ S. Eliot Award for Creative Writing- ‘rnDr. Walter Burkert, recipient of the Richard M. Weaver Award for ScholarlyrnLetters; and Dr. John Howard, president of the Ingersoll Foundationrnon November 12, 1992, at the awards banquet in ChicagornMrs. Muriel SparkrnDr. Walter BurkertrnInstitute president Dr. Allan Carlson (left) with Mr. Edson Gaylord,rnchairman of Ingersoll International.rn16/CHRONICLESrnrnrn