The Intransigent UninvitednToday the United States takes in annually more thanntwice as many immigrants as all other countries in thenworld put together. Many Asian countries permit no immigrationnat all, and openly despise foreigners. The top U.S.immigrantnexporter last year, Mexico (with 95,039), is also anvigorous deporter, sending back an average of 150 CentralnAmerican illegals a month, for lack of or forged documentation.nBut this is only the tip of the iceberg. Thanks to ourngenerous laws granting citizenship to children born on U.S.nsoil, as well as spouses, there is a brisk run of “tourist” visitsnby pregnant foreigners coming to this country to have theirnbabies (notably, now, from Hong Kong) and picking up annAmerican passport for them before return. Thirty percent ofnmarriages contracted by Filipinos in the U.S. are said to benfraudulent. Last year a Mexican being escorted back to thenborder gave birth to a boy in the back of an INS van. Thatnboy is an American. Forty quarters of work and he qualifiesnfor Social Security benefits.nFurther, there is the flood of foreign students entering thisncountry, making for a third of a million such here at anyngiven moment. Of these China is far and away in the leadnwith 40,000, a total doubtless surpassed after recent eventsnin that country. Given the F-1 student visa, easily adjustablenfor legal status, fewer than 10 percent of that number willnreturn to China. Finally, the asylum loophole is being madenannually more open and absurd, one such applicant claimingnto be coming to America because his mother-in-lawndidn’t like him, another because he lacked a TV set.nThe organization called FAIR (Federation for AmericannImmigration Reform), to whom I am indebted for most ofnGeoffrey Wagner’s latest book was Red Calypso (RegnerynGateway), a study of Cuban adventurism in thenex-British Caribbean.n24/CHRONICLESnby Geoffrey Wagnernnnthese facts, is waging a war against the overcrowding ofnAmerica that the environmentalists should be fighting, andnis doing so with apparent popular support. Thus FAIR’snrecent poll on immigration attitudes in California found 94npercent of Hispanics in that state favoring increased bordernsecurity, compared with 81 percent of voters overall; therenwas strong support for the four-mile ditch south of SannDiego, a border stiffening that would be, for the New YorknTimes, “divisive to Mexican-American relations.” In Floridanthe Miami Herald seems to take a routinely left-liberalnstance on most issues except those involving Cuban (andnnow Nicaraguan) immigration into the state, with consequentnpressures on hospitals, schools, etc.nThe first thing the illegal does in crossing the border is tonbreak the law of the land he wishes to reside in. If lucky, henmay then find our government conniving in his action byncalling him, pace the Carter administration, an undocumentednalien, a term irritating to a legal immigrant likenmyself with its suggestion of a few papers mislaid along thenroute; by the same token, if I had married three women andngot away with it, I would be an undocumented bigamist.nAnd apparentiy there are quite a few undocumentednmurderers at large. (Out of the 22,000 murders in thenUnited States annually more than 5,000 are “cold cases,”ni.e., unsolved.)nThen the State Department’s visa lottery, filing millionsnof applications from countries unrepresented in the U.S.nand causing the mobbing of American embassies, wasnanother distasteful cheapening of the oath of allegiance,nturning the process of naturalization into a matter of Ifnyou’ve got it I’m entitled to it. Far more than Switzerland,nAmerica is held up to the world as the lucky-lotto country.nFinally, the illegal is amnestied, to the extent of threenmillion by the Immigration Reform and Control Act ofn1986, a figure which does not take into account then