VIEWSrnThe Takeover of Our SchoolsrnA Call to Actionrnby Joyce B. HawsrnJt has become obvious that the majority of elected officials andrncandidates for pubUc office are not qualified for their positions,rnand often stand in the way of attempts to institute the programsrnand diversity that are the hallmarks of modem society. Nonetheless,rnAmerican voters, either because they are ignorant of whatrnmust be accomplished or because they are rebelling against socialrnprogress, continue to elect such unqualified persons at every levelrnof government.rnThe judicial branch of the United States Government hasrntherefore determined that, effective immediately, all governingrnbodies at the local, state, and federal levels will be appointed byrnfederal judges. Court-appointed special masters will oversee allrnappointed governing bodies. Newspapers, TV and radio stations,rnand other media are ordered not to publish dissenting opinions onrnthe new government. They will be monitored to ensure that anyrndissent is shown to stem from either racism or ignorance. All mediarnare ordered to divert citizen attention and energies to mattersrnwhich will not jeopardize the new government and to emphasizernthe establishment of successful programs which would have notrnbeen possible under representative government.rnParticular and immediate attention will be given to public education.rnElected school boards will be eliminated and programsrnwill be established to train future generations in the judicial formrn]oyce B. Haws is the director of the Communications Office ofrnthe National Association for Neighborhood Schools. Furtherrninformation about NANS can be found at government. Students will be assigned to schools on the basisrnof race, nationality, socioeconomic status, sex, height, weight,rnetc., with the proportions of each detennined by expert social engineers.rnNo student will be assigned to any school within tenrnmiles of his residence in order to avoid parental and communityrnmeddling in curriculum control and discipline. An appropriaterncombination of property, income, and sales taxes will be orderedrnto cover the costs of all programs.rnIt is so ordered.rnWould a government notice like this, delivered to our door orrnposted in public buildings, shake us up? Or would we evenrnbother to read it?rnBefore dismissing this “Government Notice,” the readerrnmight ask himself if anv of it sounds familiar, hi hundreds ofrnmajor cities across our nation, “government by consent of therngoverned” has been replaced with government by judicial fiat.rnhi those cities, any difference between realit}’ and the messagernabove is only one of degree.rnThe survival of representative government depends on therncourage and determination of elected officials to defend ourrnfreedoms and of citizens to hold these officials accountable.rnBut the greatest threat to representative government toda’ is anrnincreasingly arrogant and activist federal judiciary, which —inrnits quest for “social jushce” —all too frequently ignores or nullifiesrnexisHng state and local laws.rnhi no area of our lives has “government by judiciar,'” causedrn14/CHRONICLESrnrnrn