Uncle Sam and the Third Balkan Warrnby Dhimitrios GheorghiournWhenever you hear the New World Order crowd whiningrnabout the obligation of the “international community”rnto come to the rescue of a “multiethnic democracy”rnthreatened by “nationalism,” get ready for Uncle Sam to berndragged off on a fool’s errand. This term, “multiethnicrndemocracy,” the prime exemplar of which is supposedly thernUnited States, is state-of-the-art New World Order lingo forrnthe new tpe of state designed to supplant the old nation-state,rnwhich is based on retrograde “nationalism.” “Nationalism” isrnpejorative, referring to the aspiration, heretofore consideredrnnatural and honorable, of any people to live in its own homeland,rncontingent upon that people’s ability and willingnessrnto fight for it and sustain it. hi their untiring vigilance againstrnany holdouts, current or potential, against the homogenized,rnderacinated world government in the making, all lovers ofrnprogress oppose ethnically-based nationalism at home andrnabroad. Exhibit A of this phenomenon is the hatred of thernBad Old South Africa, particularly Afrikaner nationalism, andrnthe wild enthusiasm for the Good New South Africa, an aspiringrn”multiethnic democracy” labeled a “rainbow nation” byrnFrench President Frangois Mitterrand. The new African NationalrnCongress-dominated regime, with the rest of the world’srnapproval, is determined to stamp out any remnant of autonomyrnfor the Afrikaners and Zulus, the genuine nations in SouthrnAfrica with the strongest sense of identity and cohesion. Incidentally,rnthat stamping out may yet involve slapping bluernhelmets on the United States Army’s 82nd Airborne.rnThe endangered “multiethnic democracy” of the momentrnis, of course, Bosnia-Hercegovina. According to proponents ofrnintervention in the Balkans, Bosnia was once a dreamlandrnwhere Catholic Croat, Orthodox Serb, N4uslim, and Jew livedrnin peace and harmony, frequently intermarried (a big sellingrnpoint), and respected and tolerated each other until, inexplicably,rnthe Serbs, incited bv the Hitlcr-of-the-Month, SerbianrnPresident Slobodan Miloseic, suffered an atavistic fit of nationalism.rnThe only decent response, in the New Worid Order,rnis to stage a Studs Turkelesque “Good War” to restorernBosnia to its pristine state.rnhi pursuit of this goal, the entire apparat of the West hasrncranked into action. Atrocity stories, war crimes, even geno-rnDhimitrios Gheorghiou writes from Washington, D.C.rncide. Grim footage of—yes!—death camps, in the heart of Europe,rnback after 50 years! Mortar bombs raining down uponrncivilians in bread lines and marketplaces (never mind who thernreal perpetrators were, or why Muslim cameras just happenedrnto be ready at the scene). The shelling of hospitals (omittingrnlittle details like guns mounted on hospital roofs). Evil Serbrnsnipers shooting Muslim children in a bus (the fact that thernmurdered children were actually Orthodox Christians—i.e.,rnSerbs—somehow getting lost in the shuffle). Elie Wieselrnwailing on opening day at the Ihiited States Holocaust MemorialrnMuseum. Zubin Mehta leading the Sarajevo SymphonyrnOrchestra in a performance of Mozart’s Requiem in thernshelled-out ruins of the National Library, broadcast to 26rncountries worldwide. Peter Jennings in an hour-long nationall}’rntelevised pout. Patricia Ireland and the National Organizationrnfor Women demonstrating against the elusive “rapernhotels.”rnSomehow, though, America “just didn’t get it.” Despite arnsustained, three-year propaganda symphom’ not equaled sincernthe Spanish Civil War in its comprehensiveness, striking imagery,rnand nearly undetectable smothering of dissent—plusrnassurances of no American ground troops, just surgical airrnstrikes, which do not count as real war—Americans, in arnshocking manifestation of niggardliness and blighted globalrnconsciousness, remain unwilling to send their sons (andrndaughters) into this particular abattoir. Maybe they feltrngypped by the outcome of the crusade against the previousrnHitler-of-the-Month, Saddam Hussein. Or maybe, in his ownrnspasm of tribalism a la Serbe, Joe Sixpack done figgered outrnthat the United States military, if it survives feminization andrnsodomization by our Philanderer-in-Chief, would have itsrnhands full taking care of our borders (assuming they are everrnset to that task) without trotting them off as janissaries to saverneery “multiethnic democracy” that hoists a flag at the UnitedrnNations. Or maybe, despite a Made in America historicalrnmemory normally good for about two weeks of the latest O.J.rnSimpson developments, our typical fellow citizen has evolvedrnan inarticulate but usually accurate political sense that tellsrnhim when he is being force-fed an uncommonly ripe batch ofrnswill by the reigning pseudoaristocracy, representing both entrenchedrnparties (from Bob Dole and Newt Gingrich to JoernLieberman and Joe Biden), the news media (the networks.rn26/CHRONICLESrnrnrn