Donald Trump has refused to go to war with Iran. He has refused to go to war in Syria. He has imposed tariffs to save American jobs. He is capping the number of refugees coming into America–as opposed to all the countries they have to cross to get to America–at a very manageable number. And he has invoked his emergency powers in connection with an emergency actually affecting America and Americans, namely, our porous southern border.

Yes, he is an egomaniac and a boor. Sometimes he is even a buffoon. But the facts mentioned in the first paragraph speak for themselves. No one named Bush or Romney or McCain, or Obama or Clinton or Biden, would have done those things. In fact, in most cases, they would have done the opposite.

If the only politician willing to put the interests of America and Americans first is also an egomaniac and a boor, don’t be surprised at the number of ordinary Americans who will stand by him, no matter how loud the media-amplified clamor against him becomes.