On New Year’s Eve 121 German women were subjected to sexual attacks, robbery and violence by “concentric rings” of a thousand Middle Eastern and African migrants in and around the central railway station in Cologne. Women and girls were surrounded, poked and jeered at as “whores” and even worse insults; their blouses were ripped and their underwear torn off. Two were reportedly raped. Roving gangs were assaulting women with complete impunity. Over 600 criminal complaints have been filed by the victims thus far.

The night of terror was followed by four days of media silence, most notably by the ZDF, Germany’s national broadcasting corporation. When the story eventually broke (thanks to the Net), official attempts were made to play down the magnitude and implications of the attacks. German police initially reported a “quiet night,” but a leaked internal report described the scenes of mayhem; many attackers waved asylum papers in officers’ faces, shouting “You can’t touch me, I’m Syrian, Merkel wants me here!”

A subsequent federal police report described how “several thousand male persons with a migrant background” hurled fireworks and bottles into the crowds of revelers who had gathered in front of Cologne Cathedral to celebrate New Year: “In the course of the operation numerous crying and shocked women/girls approached officers and told them of sexual assaults by male migrants/groups. Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to identify them anymore.” (This is a lie: the area is covered by dozens of security cameras, the attacks were captured on hundreds of cell phones, and the assailants were unmasked.) Similar attacks were subsequently reported in every major Germany city, as well as in Switzerland, Sweden, FinlandFrance and Austria. Austrian police also tried to cover-up the violence in Salzburg and elsewhere over fears of “reprisal attacks on asylum seekers”; later they claimed that they kept silent “to protect the victims.”

Over a million migrants, overwhelmingly young Muslim men, arrived in Germany in 2015, and approximately half a million came to other EU countries. The consequences have been predictable all along, and they are rapidly becoming too drastic to be concealed. Muslims now account for approximately one-fifth of all men under the age of thirty in Germany. On current form, before too long, “half the under-40 population [may] consist of Middle Eastern and North African immigrants and their children.” These millions of young men bring with them attitudes to women which will not be changed by the host-countries’ “education campaigns.” Those attitudes are rooted in Islam’s holy texts and in 14 centuries of unbroken historical practice.

WESTERN ISLAMOPHILIAC APOLOGETICS AND PC propaganda notwithstanding, the original sources for “true” Islam—the Kuran and Hadith—provide ample and detailed evidence on Muhammad’s ideology and subsequent Shari’a practice regarding women. Muhammad, in the Kuran, is unambiguous: “Men are in charge of women because Allah has made the one of them excel the other.” (4:34) They are a step above women. (2:228) “Your wives are as a soil to be cultivated unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will.” (2:223) According to al-Bukhari, Muhammad had a vision of hell—and the majority of its dwellers were women, because “they are not thankful to their husbands.”  The disobedient wives are to be beaten. (4:34) The Kuran also acknowledges the lesser worth of daughters: “And when a father is given the good tidings of a girl, his face is darkened and he chokes inwardly.” (16:48) A son gets double the inheritance of a daughter; and a man’s witness is worth twice that of a woman’s. (2:282) Islamic marriage does not envisage any consent from the bride if she is still under paternal control: Abu Bakr, Muhammad’s friend and early follower, thus wed him to his daughter, Aisha, when she was nine and Muhammad 54. Islamic marriage does not produce any community of property between husband and wife. The latter is permanently dependent on the support of her husband, which may be withdrawn at any moment. When asked who among women is the best, Muhammad replied: “She who gives pleasure to him (husband) when he looks, obeys him when he bids, and who does not oppose fearing his displeasure.” Man’s sexual urge has to be satisfied immediately and unquestioningly: “When a man calls his wife to his bed, and she does not respond, the One Who is in the heaven is displeased with her until he is pleased with her.” On the other hand, “if a female dies while her husband is pleased with her, she will enter Paradise.”

ISLAMIC DOGMA, TRADITION AND PRACTICE are the foundation of a coherent and consistent outlook that has generated its own reality, visible in each and every traditionally Muslim country—and evident in the Islamic diaspora in the West. The mayhem in Cologne and elsewhere in Europe faithfully reflects that outlook.

The treatment of women might be expected to make Islam questionable from the liberal elite’s point of view. This has not happened, for a good reason: Muslim teaching on women, marriage and the family undermines the traditional European concept of matrimony. Islam thus becomes an “objective ally” of the postmodern Cultural-Marxist ideology that relativizes gender, sexuality, marriage and family. It should come as no surprise that Cologne’s leftist mayor Henriette Reker—a mass immigration enthusiast—decided to blame the victims for the assaults. She declared that women and girls should abide by a “code of conduct”—“stay at arm’s length!”—so that “such things [rape, sexual assaults] do not happen to them.” But they will happen, because rape is endemic to Islam. The only way to avoid “such things” would have been to keep the offenders a few thousand miles away. It may be too late for that…

THE MOST SIGNIFICANT IMMEDIATE CONSEQUENCE of last week’s events is that many ordinary Germans are no longer afraid to voice their opinions, in spite of their country’s draconian “hate speech” laws. Check out, for example, a new Facebook group, “Düsseldorf passt auf”—its call for citizens to organize themselves into vigilante groups has attracted eleven thousand supporters in five days. Its goal is to organize patrols in the city on holidays and at various events, so that “our women can safely walk in our city.” The group’s members have no confidence in the police and the state, according to last Friday’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Similar groups are rapidly popping up all over the country. On Saturday police clashed with 2,000 protestors opposing immigration from Muslim countries in Cologne, using water cannons to disperse the crowd calling for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ouster.

German authorities, meanwhile, are reported to have reached a deal with Facebook, Google and Twitter “to get tougher on offensive content, with the outlets agreeing to apply domestic laws, rather than their own corporate policies, to reviews of posts.” Germany’s mass-circulation weekly Der Spiegel has already disabled its German readers’ comment function for articles related to migrants. Many of its readers’ comments in English are being removed almost as soon as they appear. Here is this morning’s selection (Monday, January 11):

Former Tourist mitch_powell Today at 03:00 AM As a Canadian who’s visited Germany at least 15 times (for work and pleasure), I’m afraid Ms. Merkel has motivated me to seek out different destinations for my tourist dollar. Stop apologizing for the past to the point you that will ensure a disastrous future.

Cologne Gederts Today at 04:28 AM “What should be done?” Restore Democracy throughout Europe. The Most of Us call the shots, implementing what The Most of Us want, not what some un-elected, anonymous collection of failed Reds in Brussels want. Easy. Put all the Multi-Culti, Immigration stuff to the popular vote. Then follow the voted instructions. No violence, no further problems.

immigration hinterzone Today at 06:54 AM It blows my mind that you call people against massive immigration of Muslims “right wing”. No, they just have common sense, something liberals obviously never possessed.

THE SCENE IS SET for a perfect political storm in the weeks and months ahead. The migrant wave will continue in April, unless Turkey’s Islamist president Rejep Tayyip Erdogan is bribed to halt it—which he will not do, even as he takes the money. The establishment is sticking to its suicidal project: Germany’s justice minister Heika Maas—a Social Democrat—has declared that it was “complete nonsense” to take last week’s crimes as evidence that foreigners could not be integrated into German society. Millions of ordinary Germans will beg to differ, even as Merkel continues to refuse any clear limits on the number of expected migrants. Three million by the end of 2016, according to the EU.

The battle is between the postmodern totalitarian state and a belatedly awakened society. It will be a turbulent year.