When Mules Go Ballot Trafficking

When Mules Go Ballot Trafficking

Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 Mules offers an intriguing, if depressing, look at a massively well-organized system of vote fraud apparently executed during the much-disputed 2020 election.


Revolt Against the Rainbow RINOs

by Pedro Gonzalez

The recent clash between the Texas Republican Party and the Republican National Committee exposes the growing divide between grassroots conservatism and the establishment GOP, especially with regard to the LGBT agenda.


by Stephen B. Presser

The overruling of Roe is the greatest triumph to date of the conservative legal movement. The Court had no business inventing a constitutional right to abortion.

More Hand-Wringing About the Radical Right

by Paul Gottfried

In A World After Liberalism, Matthew Rose displays an excellent prose style, but his ideas about the so-called radical right are unrealistic, inconsistent, and not well-grounded in a historical understanding of liberalism.

As English Goes, So Goes the U.S.

by Mark Bauerlein

By undermining the Western canon in the 1990s, leftist academics paved the way for today’s ‘woke’ hurricane.

The Real Cost of Electric Vehicles

by Roger D. McGrath

For all their use in green virtue-signaling, electric cars have enormous hidden costs, both financial and humanitarian.

Remembering Thomas Carlyle

by Neema Parvini

Thomas Carlyle was a bundle of intellectual and literary energy in the Victorian age, but his forceful ideas may have even more relevance to our present-day problems.

Bourgeois Liberalism

by Paul Gottfried

The current concept of what is "liberal" is a far cry from the classical liberalism of the bourgeoisie.


The Revolution and Modern France

The Revolution and Modern France

The myth of the French Revolution inherently perpetuates an emotional, moral, and intellectual schism within a great nation. It has been poisoning the bonds among members of the French polity for over two centuries.


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