‘Compact’ Makes an Impact

‘Compact’ Makes an Impact

Michael Lind was a good fit for Compact magazine’s first event in New York City. Neither Lind nor the magazine has shied away from confrontation and challenging the managerial state.


Monuments Matter

by Paul Gottfried

The impending removal of Moses Ezekiel’s magnificent monument from Arlington National Cemetery follows well-laid out guidelines for obliterating the non-woke past everywhere in the culturally revolutionized West.

Race Erased

by Alan J. Levine

Racism, Not Race starts from the assumption that biological races do not exist, rants leftward from there, and finishes by slapping the white-supremacist label on Trump voters.

Reasonable Paranoia

by John Howting

The “conspiracy theorist” moniker has long been the left’s preferred label to shut down anyone who notices what they’re up to.

The Fate of Moses Jacob Ezekiel and His Memorial to the Confederate Dead

by Richard T. Hines

Just a few years ago, a monument to post-Civil War peace and reconciliation sculpted by one of America’s most gifted Jewish artists was universally acclaimed. Now a woke military commission and left-wing activists plan to destroy it.

The Mortality Spike

by Michael Larson

In many countries, including the United States, there was a sharp rise in mortality, especially among the younger population, after the widespread rollout of COVID-19 vaccines.

Remembering Michael Oakeshott

by Daniel McCarthy

Michael Oakeshott warned that rationalism in politics leads to rigid, rule-bound governance, and to the imposition of the state's enterprise over and against the free association of individuals.

Putin’s Lack of a Grand Strategy

by Srdja Trifkovic

Vladimir Putin lacks the kind of grand vision and decisive temperament needed to make Russia a highly respected world power in the current global environment.


Kevin McCarthy’s War Against MAGA

Kevin McCarthy’s War Against MAGA

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy joined Mitch McConnell in sabotaging his own side to keep America First candidates out of office. No one is more responsible for the failure of a midterm 'red wave' to arrive.

Nationalism in a Manufactured Nation

Nationalism in a Manufactured Nation

The problem with Italian nationalism is that it is a manufactured concept resting on flawed foundations. Its political class is rotten to the core and its recent election offers only a false promise of rebirth and renewal.

No Amnesty for COVID Tyrants

No Amnesty for COVID Tyrants

The establishment would love nothing more than for you to forgive and forget their tyrannical imposition of COVID policies. But simply moving on and pretending that nothing happened would be foolish, not to mention unjust.

A Very British Coup

A Very British Coup

Boris Johnson bolted back from his Caribbean holiday, under the naïve assumption that the Brits were having an election, rather than a coronation for Rishi Sunak.

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