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Don’t Call Me Anglo

As America’s melting pot rapidly cools, citizens are rushing to align themselves with their proper tribe and then petition the government for special treatment to redress historical grievances. While blacks, American Indians, and Hispanics already bear the governmental imprimatur of the oppressed, Asians made a key step toward achieving official victim status in 1992 by...


Property Owners Under Assault

It should be a property owner’s dream. Thirteen acres in the heart of America’s largest city, bordered by two of its most prominent streets, Broadway and 42nd Street. Famous shopping and tourist attractions are all within walking distance. Broadway theaters, Fifth Avenue, the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Madison Square Garden. Major transportation hubs like...


Holding On Tight

New Jersey children better hold tight to their allowances because those legislative nannies in the Garden State are at it again. As of last July, kids under 13 who ride their bicycles without wearing a helmet are breaking the law. First-time offenders pay $25 to the state; second-time offenders pay $100. To a child, that...


Missing the Mark

The Supreme Court missed the mark last year in unanimously shooting down a St. Paul, Minnesota, statute imposing criminal liability on those engaged in “hate speech.” The problem with the Court’s decision in R.A.V. v. St. Paul is that it dwelled on legal niceties rather than recognizing the time-tested, historically proven method for dealing with...


Stir-Fried Scholarship

There is a fairly long gestation period for alumni wrath, which does not fully come into being until the end of the year. That’s when every organization in the world calls or sends letters asking for a tax-deductible donation. With the chirpy dunning notices and billets-doux come the hard choices: do I send money to...