As I write, the attempted CIA coup against the Trump administration is ongoing.  Yes, you read that right: We’re getting awfully close to Seven Days in May territory.  Through a series of leaks to the “mainstream” media, the Langley spooks have launched a propaganda campaign that outdoes any of their overseas operations by a long shot.  We are told that Trump’s victory was owing to the “fact” that the Russians were campaigning for him.  It wasn’t because Hillary was a terrible candidate, her campaign was incompetent, or the American people longed for change.  No, it was all a Kremlin plot.

And the charges have escalated: From asserting that the Russians wanted to “cause chaos” and subvert faith in the electoral system, the media have progressed to the crazy idea that Putin personally directed an effort to put Trump in the White House.

Funny how conspiracy theories are considered a bad thing—except when they serve the purposes of the political class.

Americans aren’t buying it: A recent poll shows that 56 percent of voters say the alleged Russian “disinformation” campaign had no effect on the outcome of the election.  Thirty-five percent say it did.  But the real question is this: What “Russian” campaign?

So far, the CIA has not provided a lick of actual evidence.  A demand by the House Intelligence Committee that the agency appear at a hearing was refused on the grounds that they’re “too busy.”  Right: They’re too busy subverting our republican institutions and trying to destroy the President-Elect.  After all, counterrevolution is a full-time job.

In an attempt to combine the Russian Conspiracy ploy with the “Hillary got a majority of the popular vote” line, the “Hamilton Electors” demanded that the CIA brief the entire Electoral College on the details of Putin’s dastardly plot before they cast their votes on December 19.  Their effort failed, but the Langley crowd are far from finished, and can be quite persistent until they bag their quarry.  Look what happened to Salvador Allende—not to mention Muammar Qaddafi.

Yes, when you have a U.S. government agency with global reach, a mandate to do virtually anything, and a multibillion-dollar budget to which the public has no access, you’ve got lots of options.  I don’t know exactly how many times they tried to kill Fidel Castro, but it was more than a hundred.  That they failed shouldn’t make us too optimistic about Trump’s chances of surviving: It’s a short drive from Langley to the White House.

Short of that, there are plenty of ways to booby-trap Trump’s presidency, and we’re seeing some of them play out as I write.  First, President Obama came out and endorsed this loony conspiracy theory about the supposedly omnipotent Putin who somehow managed to get Trump elected, and Obama has tasked the “intelligence community” with coming out with a report that is supposed to land on his desk before Inauguration Day.  So as Trump occupies the White House, he’ll be tarred again with the same smear brush that the media used to try to delegitimize him during the campaign.  The John McCain-Lindsey Graham duo is working assiduously to achieve the same result in Congress and is scheduling hearings.

The really serious stuff will play out beyond our borders.  Already, we have the mysterious case of a U.S. Navy ship launching a drone very near the Chinese mainland, which just happened to get intercepted by the People’s Republic.  Now, who do you think is in charge of the military’s drone surveillance program?  That’s right: the CIA.  That this occurred right after Trump had a widely condemned phone call with Taiwan’s president could be a coincidence; then again . . .

Another possible site of a well-laid booby trap is in Europe, where there are several crisis points that could suddenly explode, Gulf of Tonkin-style.  Sweden, where there’s been talk—albeit no actual sightings—of lurking Russian submarines, is now on full military alert, with the government instructing its people to prepare for war with Russia.  In Ukraine, the Kiev coup leaders are getting bolder, infiltrating Crimea with saboteurs intent on carrying out acts of terrorism.  If they provoke Putin into retaliating, Trump will enter the White House in the midst of a ginned-up “crisis” amid demands from the War Party for retaliation.

What all of this demonstrates is that the principle that has guided my own strategic orientation—by their enemies ye shall know them—is right on the mark.