They are coming: on trains, on buses, on foot, all the way from Central America, where they meet up with smugglers who take them across our nonexistent border.  This has been happening for decades, but there’s one big difference in the recent wave of illegal immigration: These are children, many under ten years of age—50,000 of them so far this year.  Government officials estimate that over the next year the numbers will increase to as many as 150,000.

What is going on?  We hear all kinds of excuses masquerading as explanations: poverty, violence, and political turmoil, the U.S.-sponsored drug war, and, as the Huffington Post averred, “rumors” circulating in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador that they will be allowed to stay.

They will indeed be allowed to stay, thanks to the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008, signed into law by President George W. Bush.

The law was supposedly designed to prevent the sexual exploitation of children who were being impressed into prostitution by international traffickers.  It passed easily, with almost no opposition.  Yet the law has some very odd provisions: Children who travel from Mexico and Canada unaccompanied by a parent can be deported; yet children from Central America are given total immunity.  According to the law, these minors have to be given their day in court, provided with legal and other assistance, and released from the custody of immigration authorities until their case is decided by an immigration judge.

If the purpose of the Wilberforce Act is to foil sex trafficking, why exclude Mexican and Canadian minors?  Why focus on Central Americans as particular victims of the child sex trade?

Hardly any of the children flooding our southern border are victims of sex traffickers: They arrive with instructions to contact relatives already living illegally in the United States, to whom they are released pending their day in court.  Of course, they never show up for the hearing.  Instead, they join the six-million-plus community of illegals enjoying public services (like public schools and ObamaCare), and are succored and protected not only by the government but by an array of “humanitarian” and “civil rights” organizations.

Most Americans disapprove of this invasion, as Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) discovered to his dismay when his support of amnesty for illegals inspired Republican primary voters to throw the mighty House majority leader out of office.  Oh, how the political elites howled!  “Racism!” they cried.  “Nativism!”

The public reaction to the flooding of the border has now reached a crescendo of anger.  In the town of Murietta, California, where an emergency facility was set up to house thousands of the young illegals, buses were blocked by crowds of angry citizens.  This was too much for the “humanitarians,” who denounced the good people of Murietta as—you guessed it—“racists,” “cruel,” and downright evil.

One would think a legislative solution to the problem would be fairly easy to accomplish: Repeal the Wilberforce Act, or at least revise it to allow deportation.  That would be too easy.  The Obama administration is holding out for “comprehensive immigration reform,” and holding the country hostage until and unless the open-borders crowd gets what it wants: amnesty for those illegals already here.

A normal country maintains its borders: It regulates who can come in, and under what circumstances they may enter.  But the United States is an empire.  And an empire doesn’t really have borders.  Did Rome forbid its Egyptian subjects from entering the City on Seven Hills?  Did the British prevent Bahamians and Indians from emigrating to the motherland?

Invade the world, invite the world: That is the policy Washington is pursuing, and it makes perfect sense, given the events of the past few decades and the views of those who inhabit the Imperial City.  Like all empires, America in the year 2014 is a multicultural, multinational, polyglot society, not a nation.  Dissenters are evil “isolationists” who lack compassion.

The big problem for the open-borders crowd is that the American people have not yet been thoroughly indoctrinated.  Disturbed by the chaos at the border, they are waking up to the fact that their country is in danger of being overrun—and angry that our political leaders are complicit in facilitating what amounts to a foreign invasion.  They don’t yet understand that, in the globalist conception, nothing and no one is “foreign”; conversely, there are no Americans—only an undifferentiated mass of humans whose welfare is our responsibility.

How long will the American people put up with it?  My prediction: Rebellion is imminent.  Revolution is in the air.  The aroused people of Murietta are very far from alone.  It remains to be seen, however, whether they can find the leadership they need to prevail.