Fashionable Delusions

The powers that be in these willfully ignorant times, in their haste to be politically correct, forget that America fought its bloodiest war to end human bondage. Almost three-quarters of a million men died, yet now the Civil War is being refought with fact-purging propaganda that makes cartoon villains of great American soldiers, while one group of citizens are robbed of their heritage in order to please another.

About one year ago, I found myself in a car with a New York couple, both guests of an ex-headmaster of my prep school, who was accompanying me to the unveiling of a memorial wall honoring a former classmate who had recently passed away. I had contributed to the wall’s construction. The man, whom I had never met before, talked about how, long ago, when he was on the tennis circuit, he was given only 10 minutes to shower and dress in certain American country clubs during the summer grass-court tournaments following Wimbledon. The reason he was limited to 10 minutes, he said, was because he is Jewish.

The trouble with this story was that not only had I played the exact same tournaments from 1957 to 1964, but so had Jewish players like Sidney Schwartz, Herb Flam, Ron Holmberg, Michael Green, and Ed Rubinoff—all ranked in the top 50. There were no such locker-room restrictions on Jewish tennis players. Although I was a guest of the ex-headmaster, and the man one of his friends, I told him in no uncertain terms that he was a liar and that I doubted very much that he had ever played in the tournaments he was now denouncing. Like most liars when caught out, the man insisted his story was true but soon dropped the subject of tennis altogether.

Things got worse when his wife, a Texan Christian lady sitting in the back with me, took umbrage when I said I considered Robert E. Lee among the greatest Americans. “How can you admire a traitor?” she drawled. Which led me to call Honest Abe the real traitor, and the headmaster had to intervene. The couple changed their tune later that night when we ran into a close friend of mine with whom they saw an opportunity to social climb.

One year later, I still don’t know what was worse: a blatant lie about WASP tennis clubs forcing Jewish competitors to take short showers or calling Lee a traitor. I suppose it has to do with a meticulously prepared campaign by the media and the Washington swamp to vilify and destroy this country’s past and its admirers. Mind you, it is undeniable that certain country clubs back then excluded Jews, as did and still do many Jewish clubs exclude Christians. But the idea that U.S. Tennis Association-sponsored tournaments would force invited Jewish players to cut short their showers is so incredible and so outrageous that I should have thrown the bum out of the car for such a gross lie. A year later, I now clearly see what the couple was up to: nothing in particular; just being “woke” and “with it.”

The general disinformation campaign about America’s past is no accident. It is a well-thought-out plan to disunite Americans and keep in power corporate leaders, left-wing politicians, entertainment tycoons, media hustlers, and college czars. Another ploy is to keep Christianity on the back burner. Once you get religion out of the way, the West becomes a formless entity, with materialism and globalism replacing Christianity.

The archvillains disuniting Americans are the media, starting with The New York Times and The Washington Post, both owned by billionaires eager to keep their billions. Purporting to care about progressive values, they are simply virtue signaling while distracting from their true motive: financial gain. As they profit from the disuniting of America, they are helped by mass immigration of work forces with different colors and creeds and cultures.

America is split in half, with the left bringing in support nonstop from places like Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba, which is not exactly cricket, as they say across the pond. Western culture and civilization are under attack, and teaching them is on a par with using the N-word.

Unfortunately, many well-meaning people have been fooled by the anti-American rhetoric of Hollywood, the media, and the universities. Meanwhile, the corruption and unimaginable abuses perpetrated by African regimes against their own people are never mentioned, or if they are, the one who mentions is considered racist.

I don’t know what’s worse: the above-mentioned nerds or those know-nothing student enforcers of political correctness who work their phones like the Stasi, recording and denouncing anyone caught using gendered language.

Take it from someone who knows all about discrimination. What people don’t realize is that when I played all those tennis tournaments long ago, I was allowed to shower for only two minutes because I’m Greek! (And if you believe that, you may be one of the woke.)

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