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Revisionist-historian and anarchist anthropologist David Graeber insisted in a book he co-wrote before his death last year that agriculture was to blame for the sorry state of humanity. According to the departed scholar, hunter-gatherers lived happily in bands until agriculture was invented, which led to surpluses, population growth, private property, tribes, cities, chiefs, tyrants, bureaucrats, kings, capitalism, and the rest of mankind’s woes.

I could have told him as much, and I’m no genius—far from it. Graeber, however, has been called an intellectual superstar among those socks-with-sandals-wearing bearded horrors of the left (otherwise known as professors). Of course, the people who call him that are lefty media con men at The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, and the rest. The anarchist virtuoso claims that long before the Athenians, the Mesopotamian councils and citizen assemblies of the ancient Middle East had real democratic power and authority. Another genius, the great classical scholar Taki, disputes that particular theory based on his close friendship with Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.

Any theory, however outlandish and ridiculous, is gist for publicity-hungry wannabes nowadays, so I won’t go on about how magnificently people in Tarzan loinskins democratically managed their affairs. What I will do is praise the Athenian system because it was a selective democracy—the purest of all political systems, according to my direct ancestor, Taki the elder.

Mingling with Jimmy Carter at a rather rowdy New York party not long after he had vacated the White House, I posed the question of selective democracy to him. Admittedly I was in my cups, but my question was valid: “Why should a violent drug dealer have the same right to vote as a brilliant doctor or scientist who has benefited society?” Jimmy replied, “It’s an interesting question,” before signaling Secret Service agents to gently remove me from his presence.

The ancients had no doubts about the merits of selective democracy, nor did the Brits, until recently. One had to show responsibility before earning the right to vote. How far we’ve fallen: As I write, the New York State Assembly has passed a law permitting noncitizens to vote in local elections.

Mind you, by selective democracy I do not mean elitist democracy, where special interests push for free trade, foreign wars, political correctness, and open borders. To the contrary, a selective democracy uses the platform to further the interests of the people rather than the large corporations and Silicon Valley freaks who fill Washington’s coffers.

How does selective democracy work? Well, that’s a difficult one to answer, but I’ll try. There is no fixed model of democracy that comes to mind offhand, except for the Athenians. Real democracy to me is what was practiced in small Swiss villages, where locals decided on which roads to build, what housing should look like, and what taxes should be imposed and on whom. Selective democracy works perfectly on the level of the village and small town, where everyone is familiar with what needs to be done.

Recently, however, a leftist government in Bern has begun to impose high taxes on areas that, until now, managed their own affairs. The result is that good people (meaning Americans and Europeans) have fled and have been replaced by rich Arab crooks and Russian oligarchs.

There is no question in my mind that democracy the way we understand it in the West is a sham. Especially here in America, where open borders mean open for drugs and criminals to enter, where a free press means the perpetually left-wing toxic sludge that courses through the media and the internet, and where efforts to control child porn are challenged as attacks on freedom. The local control of the Swiss model is the one that Uncle Sam should be aiming for; states should have the right to nullify federal laws.

The threat to liberty and freedom from Silicon Valley monopolies that enforce “progressive” ideas needs to be addressed and put down like the proverbial mad dog. “Woke” so-called progressivism cannot be permitted to replace religion, family, and masculinity. Facebook cannot be permitted to control thought and news, especially now that the company has admitted that its fact-checks are in reality just opinion.

The fact-checking services are funded by hard-core lefties like George Soros and other biased billionaires who hate our past almost as much as they hate a fair fight. Impartiality is now unknown to young journalists, who have been brainwashed to see only diversity or the lack thereof.

The surreal misinformation world that the Zuckerbergs and Soroses of this world control is the ultimate tyranny. It represents the victory of evil over good and the end of the greatest civilization ever, that of Christian Europe and America.

Flickr-Anthony Quintano, CC BY 2.0

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