The week after the murdering scum of ISIS beheaded 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya—their crime was being Christian—the European Commission opened an investigation of Christian schools in Britain for allegedly “discriminating” against nonreligious teachers.  In other words, the unelected bureaucrats of Brussels want to force Christian schools to stop giving preference to religious staff while recruiting.  It does not surprise me.  There’s a relentless agenda to secularize Christian schools all over Europe, especially in Britain, where not long ago Muslims stealthily attempted to install a sharia agenda in schools up north.  Not a word of protest was uttered by any of the crooks who live the life of Riley tax-free in Brussels and Strasbourg.

Is it worth fighting the good fight when the bureaucrooks who run our lives in Europe openly attack our Christian beliefs and blatantly favor the Muslims who are now the greatest threat to our way of life?  Almost as bad as the Brussels gangsters are the Church of England bishops, who recently appealed to the government to spend more money on poor Muslims and failed to say a word about the persecution and butchering of Christians all over the Middle East.  No wonder the Church of England is viewed by the British faithful as insular and out of touch, ensconced in their luxurious lifestyle and ermine robes, parading around the House of Lords.  If I had my way, I’d forcibly send the bishops to that miserable sandy hellhole and have them preach the Gospel to the bloodthirsty mob that constitutes Islam today.

All one hears from Islamic teachers are the words heresy, blasphemy, and apostasy.  It is a crap religion based on hate and punishment, with millions of very ugly, fat, bearded men beating their chests and swearing vengeance.  I am as sick of seeing these ghastly (much lower than) animals on the TV news as I am of hearing excuses for their bestiality from know-nothings like Obama and his ilk.  And another thing: Every smiling wallet-lifter I know, and that includes all politicians, diplomats, and government big shots, always includes the stipulation that not all Muslims are terrorists, while failing to state clearly that all terrorists are Muslims.  Hence the exaggerated fear that antisemitism is on the rise in Europe.  Antisemitism no longer exists in Europe among Europeans.  It exists only among Muslims living in Europe, a fact that anti-Christians like Deborah Lipstadt—who calls herself a holocaust scholar—always fail to mention.  Every crime committed against Jews in Europe, every Jewish school or cemetery that has been desecrated, has occurred at the hands of Muslims, yet the media always fail to mention this all-important fact.

Perhaps not all of the 1.6 billion Muslims wish to punish people in the name of their god, but I’ll bet my last dollar that the great majority does.  One thing that sickened me after September 11 was watching all those fat clowns called imams praising Allah while a Catholic priest and a rabbi stood by waiting for them to finish, shedding crocodile tears.  Then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani should have said to hell with Islam, in light of the fact that the 2,800 dead of the World Trade Center had been murdered in the name of Muhammad.  Fourteen years later, Christophobia is the norm in places like Turkey and Egypt, while in Pakistan and in the Gulf being a Christian is almost a death sentence.  In Turkey, a backward country run by cryptofanatics, Christians have to declare their religion on an I.D. card, and the word Christian means the bearer is excluded from many forms of public service.  Christian schools are tightly controlled, yet the E.U. gang was pushing hard for Turkey to become a member of the European Union until Erdogan revealed his Salafist hate.

Actually, what Europe and America should do is take in only Christians from the Middle East and expel all Muslims who have ever uttered one word in defense of ISIS.  It’s called quid pro quo, but considering the Saudis have half of Washington, D.C., in their pay, my plan seems rather unworkable.  Yet in the light of horrors now being committed against Christians in Muslim-majority countries, something has to be done.  If we had a Christian president like Teddy Roosevelt—“Perdicaris alive or Raisuli dead”—we might have a chance to be taken at our word.  But not after Bush was busy holding hands with the head towel and Christian-hater Abdullah of Saudi Arabia while the bodies of 2,800 Americans were still being dug out of the rubble.  Here’s what friendship with the Saudis has brought us: trains and hundreds of dead blown up in Madrid, subways and buses and 55 dead in London, Western journalists beheaded in Syria, Jews slaughtered in Belgium and France—yet even after September 11, all our leaders can do is repeat ad nauseam that Islam is a peaceful religion, and only a few Islamists wish us harm.

Islam is a murderous religion, and most Muslims want us dead.  The quicker we get used to the fact, the better off we’ll be.