Everyone’s rather angry nowadays.  Women, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, blacks, Hispanics, American Indians, college students, college professors, Hollywood stars, Democratic politicians—you name them, they’re upset.  The Donald seems finally to have united the United States.  Everybody hates Trump and, of course, men.  Toxic masculinity has replaced the evil Nazis and their goose-step, and Trump the loathsome Führer.

Corporate moralizing is as sick as it gets, and virtue signaling by Gillette—in a brand-name advertisement that admonishes men to “do better”—reminds me of the joker who killed his parents and asked the jury for mercy because he was an orphan.  The American Psychological Association (APA) is probably the greatest con job ever invented, and it has recently released guidelines on how to screw the American people further.  The APA has an annual budget of $115 million, and 117,500 shrinks are members.

The guidelines basically say that being a male is a very bad thing.  Male qualities such as courage, personal ambition, and grace under pressure are psychologically harmful.  The APA advises that traits such as self-reliance and competitiveness should be rooted out.  I do not have $115 million dollars per annum and cannot claim 117,000 friends, but my advice to my readers is to root out every psychologist they know.

Now I don’t think too many Americans take psychology seriously, at least Americans who don’t live in Hollywood or New York.  I once told Clement Freud, grandson of the great fraud Sigmund, what I thought of him and his family—alas, London is crawling with them—and he tried to get me fired by going behind my back and claiming that I was an antisemite.  My Jewish editor at the time did not believe him, and after Freud’s death it was credibly claimed that he was a rapist.

Oh yes, I almost forgot: All these creeps who hate men and want us all to become effeminate are very left wing.  I have it from a very good source that, when Trump was elected, some people working for the New York Times required colonoscopies to clear their brains.  Many of them needed shrinks to calm them down.  The therapy had the opposite effect.  But the colonoscopies worked.  Two of the columnists, Roger Cohen and Paul Krugman, set a record by having a colonoscopy every day, sometime twice daily, since the election.  The Times Building doubtless needs regular fumigation.

One of the reasons I’ve always been opposed to socialism and socialists is that they always seemed to want to ban things.  Or to discourage people from activities they enjoy, such as smoking, drinking, boxing, hunting foxes on horseback, kissing girls, flirting—you name it, lefties hate it.  And wish to stop it.  Basically, I find it incongruous to want to ban things in the incongruously named Land of the Free.

Daily outrage by the usual suspects in the media is now the goût du jour.  The anti-Trump media have convinced themselves by quoting one another that the Donald is a Russian plant.  And Putin is now the Count Dracula that nightly sucks our blood.  I like Putin and Russia, and prefer them to Hollywood and Silicon Valley and Facebook and the rest of the gangster billionaires.  After the end of the Cold War and after the Berlin Wall came down NATO served no useful purpose except to allow the crooks in Brussels to wield power, and for the organization to metamorphose into a crusading human-rights war machine.  The war-mongering hysteria of the two Gulf wars revealed what makes NATO useful: It allows the neocons to play big man on campus.

Ditto for the #MeToo Movement.  It is completely over the top, but Hollywood and the media are terrified of it.  Land of the Free, Home of the Brave—who are they kidding?  This is Savonarola and Torquemada time, but worse.  Total banishment for noncriminal offenses smacks of Nineteen Eighty-Four.  I never thought I’d see America turn into a terror state.  An editor lost his job at a left-wing magazine because he allowed a self-confessed abuser of women to publish a mea culpa in his organ.  (I know the editor, and he himself is sort of a creep.)

Let’s get serious.  Shining a spotlight on the awfulness of men is the latest opportunistic play for selling razors.  Apparently, there are many hairy women in America.  I thought most of them were in Italy and Greece.  And Spain, and Latin America.  Poor Lady Liberty, we’ll have to paint a moustache on her soon.

But back to the psychologists.  According to those creepy fellows, white privilege and WASP culture are to blame for these bad, toxically masculine habits and manners practiced by normal men.  So I will turn to Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV, Scene 2, and paraphrase the Bard and Dick the Butcher: “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the shrinks.”