“Perversion of the law” took on new meaning recently when homosexual groups forced Georgetown University—a Catholic school—to grant them official recognition. In a 2-to-1 decision handed down with the unusual stipulation that the case must be reargued before a full appeals court, a three-judge panel of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals reversed a lower court ruling and declared that the university must accept Gay People of Georgetown University and the Gay Rights Coalition Law Center as legitimate student organizations. Citing the precedent of Bob Jones University v. United States (1977), the majority opinion asserted that an “overriding governmental interest” in enforcing a Washington, DC, antidiscrimination ordinance outweighed the school’s claims to religious liberty. We can see it all now. Before long “they” will be demanding entrance to all-male dubs and an affirmative-action law guaranteeing them special opportunities to be Boy Scout leaders and kindergarten teachers. Soon we will be made fun of if we object to one of them marrying our sons.

Until the homosexual groups sued the university, elected city officials had alleged no violation of the statutes they had framed, and the first court to hear the case found that GU’s policy of quiet toleration constituted compliance. Enter two Federal judges with an insatiable rage for equality and things were quickly turned upside down. The one dissenting judge, Julia C. Mack, found the comparison to the Bob Jones case implausible and complained that the court was guilty of an “impermissible intrusion into, and weighing of, Catholic doctrine.” The court’s decision was “tantamount to ordering a private actor to embrace the ideology of another. I cannot concur in this bizarre result.”

Just how far the Federal courts want to travel down this road remains to be seen—Federally mandated ordination of women? (Sweden’s already there.) Court reversals of excommunications? Court-ordered access to the pulpit and seminary for heretics, homosexuals, and apostates? Perhaps it is time for Sonia Johnson—the feminist booted out of the Mormon Church—to sue for reinstatement. We can think of at least two judges who are ready to go to bat for her. If only she were a lesbian.