Myths are part of what makes us human; all peoples live by myths, some healthy, some destructive. Among the unhealthy beliefs that have been propagated amongst Americans are that the Constitution came from the gods; that the conquest and destruction of the Southern states was noble; that the Americans who fought and died in World War II were starry-eyed devotees of global democracy. And, worst of all, that the 1960’s generation was the most idealistic and love-filled of all generations. In fact, that generation was the most spoiled, selfish, and vicious generation ever produced by America. I know. I was there and saw them first hand. Their destructiveness, irrationality, and irresponsibility were evident to anyone who looked. Their behavior has been blamed on Doctor Spock’s doctrines of permissive childrearing. But there already had to be some widespread defect of character for Spock to gain entry into so many homes.

The late undeclared war in the Balkans (like urban crime and the drug culture) is merely the natural outcome of the 60’s. The Flower Child generation happily sends cluster bombs to destroy innocent people who have caused them frustration. It is not a reversal of character for them, but a natural expression of their customary self-righteousness, irresponsibility, and viciousness.