A Plague on Both Their Houses

A Plague on Both Their Houses by • August 11, 2010 • Printer-friendly

What can you do to make the worst of a bad situation?  The Democrats know how: they  have decided (temporarily) to shaft their welfare-consuming constituents–by cutting out Food Stamps–in order to help teachers and other government “workers.”   At least the welfare drones do nothing more than lay around thinking about crimes to commit, while public school teachers are paid good money to destroy the minds and morals of American children.  What is the predictable GOP response?  This plan will cost too much money and reward thriftless states at the expense of the thrifty.  The same Republicans would probably do a cost-benefit analysis of the Gulag.  And, if I recall, Food Stamps was a brilliant Republican idea.  Instead of giving food to the poor–the only idea that makes sense–let us instead give them vouchers so they can learn how to handle their money.  And it has actually worked well.  Recipients regularly sell their Food Stamps at a discount to get money for alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs.  Republicans always accuse the Democrats of throwing money at problems, but they are scarcely any better.  If either side understands the reality of the American underclass, no one is talking.  I cannot believe the Democrats will fail to throw more food stamps at their voters in the underclass they have worked so hard to create as a permanent constituency.

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