Call Me Simple . . . (2)

Call Me Simple . . . (2) by • May 13, 2010 • Printer-friendly

But I don’t understand:

How  all those “experts” who are always mouthing off in the media and who are not really experts manage to get on the air.

Why people can’t tell the difference between speculation and investment.

Why sports are not as much fun as they used to be and seem to make people hateful and violent instead of happy and enthusiastic.

Why most of the poeople who tell me I should do more for the disadvantaged seem to be rich and arrogant.

Where our leaders got the authority to change the world and establish “global democracy.”

How anyone could fool themselves into thinking that a country like the United States,  with vast concentrations of wealth in the control of a tiny minority, could possibly have a genuine democratic government.

Why nobody has noticed that African Americans now find the South more congenial than the most liberal states and cities—and what that means.

Why nobody in authority has ever showed the least concern for the innocent women and children massacred by federal mercenaries at Ruby Ridge and Waco.

Why nobody in authority has noticed that the war in Afghanistan no longer makes any sense—if it ever did.

Why people who have zero physical, intellectual, and spiritual relationship to the American founding generation talk about them as  “Our Forefathers.”

Why anybody could possibly fool themselves into a belief that importing  ethnic “diversity”  from the Third World makes for a healthier society.

Why “free enterprisers” can’t see that “labor mobility” is not necessarily a good thing—unless laborers are machines.

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