Chronicles Unbound, Live Today 3-5 PM

Chronicles Unbound, the official radio program of the best magazine on earth, is on the air and streaming live today, 3-5 PM.  Join Tom Fleming, Scott Richert, and host Paul Youngblood as they discuss the Obama administration’s war against Arizona’s immigration law, and other topics.

Click here for the live stream from

If you are in Northern Illinois or Southern Wisconsin, tune in at 100.5 FM.

Click here to listen to the show opener, produced by Aaron Wolf.

And don’t forget: Each show is archived in podcast form.  We have over 16 hours (and counting) of Chronicles Unbound, all of which can be downloaded free!  Click here for the podcast page.  Along with weekly hosts Tom Fleming and Paul Youngblood, regular guests include Scott Richert, Aaron Wolf, Christopher Check, Srdja Trifkovic, Frank Brownlow, and a growing list of Chronicles editors and writers.

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