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David Frum, Phony by • October 30, 2008 • Printer-friendly

Over at NRO, David Frum is maudlin and indignant that his friend Washington Post columnist Anne Applebaum came in for some rough criticism at National Review over her endorsement of Obama.  “How small has the house of conservatism shrunk when it can find no room for Anne Applebaum?” Frum wails.

Now I happen to value Anne Applebaum’s work in documenting the enormity of Soviet crimes, but David Frum is the last person who can credibly lament that American conservatism is unable to find room for dissenters.  Frum has instructed his readers for years that anyone to Frum’s right is likely a bigot, an antisemite, or worse.  Frum has been conducting a journalistic jihad against Pat Buchanan for nearly twenty years, and he denounced as “unpatriotic” all those men of the right who had the foresight to oppose the disastrous war in Iraq he was busily agitating for, including Buchanan, Tom Fleming, and Sam Francis.

If Frum wishes to make the case that American conservatism should be more welcoming to dissenting voices, he must first of all apologize to all those he has smeared.

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