Even More Questions About the Way We Are Now

If you were a patriotic “American” of Mideast origin, wouldn’t you willingly cooperate with “ethnic profiling” since it would help to save the lives of your “fellow” citizens?

Want to know how many traffic deaths in my State last year were caused by aliens, mostly drunk illegals? 807.

How many Americans are aware that Osama bin Laden is an Ivy League alumnus and a millionaire? Sort of like George W. Bush.

What do you do when there is no “lesser” among the evils?

Let’s see: We should vote for McCain because he just possibly might nominate “conservative” Supreme Court justices, who might just possibly be confirmed, and who might just possibly make “conservative” decisions? Will the Supreme Court help the country much during our wars with Iran, etc.?

Aren’t you just awestruck by the brilliant statesmanship of the Grand Old Party? What would America be without the two (or three) Bushes, Gerald Ford, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Jack Kemp, Newt Gingrich, David Souter, Anthony Kennedy, Dan Quayle, Bob Dole, Condi Rice, Rudy Giuliani, and, of course, that irrepressible beacon of all virtues, “Blackjack” Bill Bennett? We mustn’t forget Nelson Rockefeller, the only American so great and revered that he was placed within a heartbeat of the Presidency without even needing to run! And what would have become of us without U.S. Grant, John C. Fremont, Chester Arthur, James G. Blaine, Thaddeus Stephens, Benjamin Harrison, Warren G. Harding, Wendell Wilkie, Earl Warren and all those other great men? It does not bear thinking about.

Lots of people, especially the “religious right,” are upset because the federal judicial oligarchs have banished the Ten Commandments. They are irritated at the slight to Christianity and the Bible. But do they understand what is really at stake? I doubt if they know that disposing of the Commandments destroys the entire foundation of all law and justice and substitutes man-made “justice.” And that is its purpose.

Is the U.S. war-making in the Persian Gulf designed to guarantee the oil supply? Or designed to make sure that certain interests control the oil supply?

Will America ever recover from the 60s? Obama and McCain, in different ways, are both products of the 60s, the most deformed decade in U.S. history (except for the 1860s). So is Hillary. For that matter, so are Dubya and most of his co-conspirators.

Speaking as an old-fashioned, real strict constructionist, does Obama, son of a foreigner, meet the constitutional requirement that the President be a natural-born citizen? He will be the first President without deep American roots. Kennedy was fourth generation and even Reagan was third generation. Elevation of foreigners to high command is the sign of a regime well advanced into imperial decadence.

Did you know that at many institutions of “higher learning” each athlete now has his own personal graduate student assistant to run academic interference for him? My school recently proudly announced that most of its 14 athletic teams have B academic averages. Except football, basketball, and baseball.

And that, alas, is the way we are now. Pray that we may deserve mercy.

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