Imaginary Genocide

Tom PiatakIt seems that “noted scholar” Christopher Hitchens visited Georgetown, an institution that at one point was connected with the Catholic Church, and announced that Mother Teresa “helped kill millions of people.”

Hitchens also falsely claimed that Mother Teresa had denounced contraception as one of the leading threats to world peace in her Nobel Laureate address, even though he had made this false charge in the past, and had been forced to withdraw it.

This is not the first time Hitchens has made charges of imaginary genocide against Catholics he doesn’t like. He observed John Paul II’s death, by among other things, blaming the Pope for the deaths of “millions” from AIDS.

But Hitchens continues to celebrate real mass murderers, Lenin and Trotsky, who unleashed a campaign of murder, terror, and cultural devastation on Russia, a campaign from which Russia has never recovered. But Hitchens gives these real murderers a pass because, unlike Mother Teresa or John Paul II, their goal was to destroy Christianity.

And none of this nonsense has deprived Hitchens of any respectability in neoconservative circles.

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