Mission Impossible

Persuading a libertarian that a negotiation between one worker and a huge corporation is not a simple free market transaction.

Persuading a libertarian that the Lord gave us the earth for our use, not for our maximum exploitation.

Persuading a Republican that tariffs were NOT responsible for America’s past prosperity.

(Tariff “protection” did not create wealth. It only diverted the wealth toward certain interests. The more things change . . . . The same Big Business interests that once got rich from what they falsely called tariff “protection” are now getting rich from what they falsely call “free trade.”)

Persuading a Liberal that it is important and to everyone’s long-term benefit to tell the truth even if it might hurt somebody’s feelings.

Persuading a Republican that invading and killing foreigners is not necessarily “defending our country.”

Persuading a Republican that “our country” is not the same thing as the federal government and armed forces.

Persuading a leftist or a neoconservative (but I repeat myself) that not all societies need, want, or are capable of democracy.

Getting a Liberal or a Republican, or a federal judge or a news reporter, or just any ordinary pseudo-intellectual American, to admit that there is more peace and harmony between black and white people in the South than anywhere else in the U.S.

Persuading many Americans that knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence are not determined by the amount of time spent in “educational” institutions.

Persuading any American pseudo-intellectual or professor (but I repeat myself again) that he is deluded to think he is smarter than other ordinary Americans.

Getting the public to accept that the “War on Drugs” is, as any honest person expected, a complete flop (except as a source of profit for interested parties).

Getting the media to act as though candidates for high office should be measured by more than popularity and cuteness.

Getting the politicians and bureaucrats to admit that the U.S. educational system is a very expensive failure (except to the degree that it intends on purpose to dumb down the population).

Getting the American public to accept the truth about their government: That the government is operated for the benefit of politicians, the rich and the foreigners who can buy politicians, minority group leaders who can intimidate politicians, and federal employees, contractors, and grant recipients. To everyone else the federal government is a burden and imposition.

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