More Great American Inventions

The Book of Moroni.

Replacing the White Man’s Burden with the Multicultural Gender-Neutral Burden.

The Lincoln cult.

Politicians and journalists guaranteed to have integrity—they tell you so themselves.

Deification of “education.”  Along with the belief that all students are, or can be, above average.

Disguising professional athletes as “students.”

The infomercial.  (Actually, a commenter on the previous installment beat me to the punch on this, but it is worth repeating.)

Dumb Presidents.  Lots of countries have corrupt Presidents, but the U.S. Republican Party invented the Dumb President.

Declaring war against invisible enemies who can never be defeated—poverty, drugs, terrorism.

University presidents and deans who neither know nor care what education should be.

Free extended medical care for illegal aliens but not for citizens.

Stock speculators, investors in government debt, and government contractors labeled as “free enterprise.”

The docudrama—televised “historical” fiction.

Crime explained as “juvenile delinquency.”

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