The New Racism

Friends of Omar Thornton, the black male who killed eight co-workers and then himself, say he was driven to the point of despair by the racists he worked with.  The trucking company for whom he worked has pointed out that he never filed a complaint.  Thornton went on his killing spree when he was shown a tape of himself stealing beer from a truck.  If he were with us today, Mr. Thornton would undoubtedly point out that white people steal beer, too.  Then, why fire a black man for stealing?  Because they are racists.

This is a principle of somewhat wider application.  Governor David Paterson understands it, and this why he censured President Obama for criticizing Charles Rangel.  Such criticisms are not appropriate from someone in “the community,” a word which means in his vocabulary only one thing: the black race.  White congressmen are corrupt, too.  They why are white congressmen picking on Charlie?  It’s because they are racists.  We have had stupid and evil white presidents, too.  Why pick on Obama?  You tell me the answer.

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