What Is History? Part 26

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A Morsel of Genuine History, a Thing so Rare as to be Always Valuable. —Jefferson

Fate can smirk as well as smile. —Ferrol Sams

At times along life’s way there arises an occasion when the appearance of innocence is greatly to be preferred over innocence itself. —Ferrol Sams

It is interesting—albeit not pleasant—to watch the collapse of Western civilization. —Butler Shaffer

He was young, and brave, and fair,
But the Indians raised his hair.
carved on a sandstone along the Goodnight Trail

. . . all this our South stinks peace! —Ezra Pound

But it is just one of the wonders of the human race that it is capable of believing anything. —Bill Bonner

There’s no such thing as an original sin. —Elvis Costello

We no longer have any politics—only marketing. —Clyde Wilson

Public estimation of eminence runs in reverse ratio to its genuineness. —H.L. Mencken

. . . write down and put in your wallet the term “neocon Trotskyite dialectic.” —Christopher Manion

Praise the Lord and pass the barbecue. —Maurice Bessinger

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