What is History? Part 38

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A meddling Yankee is God’s worst creation; he cannot run his own affairs correctly, but is constantly interfering in the affairs of others, and he is always ready to repent of everyone’s sin, but his own. —North Carolina newspaper, 1854

Powerful ornary stock, George, powerful ornary. —”Sut Lovingood” on the Puritan Yankee

If a person lives long enough he can watch everyone forget everything they learned. —Paul Craig Roberts

We are not a virtuous nation. God and fate have not blessed us above others. —Chris Hedges

Hope is not a principle of war. —Wellington

It is a certain maxim, that though great nations may be holden up by power, small territories must be maintained by justice. —Nathaniel Bacon

We know that we must march when to-morrow comes, and tramp on our destiny onward. —Thackeray

So it is that Nature makes folks; and some love books and tea, and some like Burgundy and a gallop across the country. —Thackeray

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