Aaron D. Wolf is absolutely right to argue that, from a Christian perspective, J.J. Rousseau is the fountainhead of political evil in our day (“Ignoble Savages,” January-March, Heresies).  Indeed, the Prince of this World has been rejoicing in Christianity’s shameless pandering to the courtesan Mlle Égalité, ever since the catastrophe of the First Republic.  Rousseau didn’t know he was worshiping Satan, but he was.  Equality was the primal sin from which all other sins have followed.  It wasn’t the first human sin—that was disobedience.  But equality came before any temptation.  It was the sin of the Morning Star himself, by which he became the “one cast out,” or in Greek, diabolos.  God’s ordained form of public order is patriarchal monarchy, the public order of heaven.  Jesus taught us to petition the Father that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Whenever we pray that, we are beseeching the Almighty to restore patriarchal monarchy on earth, ultimately by the Messiah’s Return, but intermediately by permitting a strong Christian prince to assert a representative version of theocracy.  St. Paul assures us that Jesus did not consider equality a prize for which to contend.  That virtue corresponded to Satan’s fault.

When God established the family, He made patriarchal monarchy the norm for public order.  To maintain it is virtuous.  On the other hand, egalitarianism is sinful.  There are situations in which an application of equality may be correct, as in not showing partiality among fellows.  But its application to the form of public order is wicked.

        —The Rev. Lloyd Gross
Seven Hills, OH