I have been subscribing to Chronicles for over three years, and I look forward to the enlightenment offered by each issue. I wish I had begun partaking of this wisdom long, long ago, but I suppose we have to be ready for something before we can reap the benefits of it. Every issue offers a new angle, a new insight, another author to search for, a new piece of history to dig into, another layer of the collected knowledge of our Western heritage.

Whenever Chronicles arrives, I experience that familiar feeling: Where have I been? Why wasn’t I told/taught this? Was I just supposed to know it intuitively or by some kind of cultural osmosis? Quite a humbling experience, but humbling in the best way. Chronicles also aided the restoration (after 15 dark years of atheism) of my Christian faith. It is not easy to convey my gratitude for this.

Along with some back issues, I ordered an audiotape of Thomas Fleming’s lecture on Sir Walter Scott from the Second Annual Summer School. What an eyeopening experience! I truly wish I were able to attend the Summer School or one of the seminars you present every year.

I hope you will continue to give recommendations about good books to study, as well as organizations whose activities you support. The Chesterton Society is one example. (I recently joined this group and am highly impressed with their work.) I wouldn’t have found it if it weren’t for Chronicles.

The same goes for the League of the South. I joined this organization recently even though I have to admit to a tinge of guilt for not fully understanding what I am supporting. You see, I was always of the typical opinion regarding the South (I am sure you know what I mean), until I was made aware, through reading Chronicles, of how bigoted and horribly mistaken that line of thinking is. I have decided that this group deserves my support, if for no other reason than as a means of atonement for having been so prejudiced. The comments Thomas Fleming has made about the little cells around the country (in my case—the world) of people turning their backs on modern culture really hit home. Please continue to keep us informed about these worthy activities and literature, and please accept my heartfelt thanks for a gift that can hardly be repaid.

        —Mike Ezzo
Yokkaichi, Japan