Let me get this straight. In the June Chronicles, one W. Robert Hawkins opposed the U.S. war against Serbia, dismissing interventionist congressmen as ahistorical nitwits and likening the Serbs to Texans threatened with the loss of San Antonio. Yet in the April 26, 1999, number of the Weekly Standard, one William R. Hawkins, “senior research analyst for Rep. Duncan Hunter,” demands that we “go in on the ground.” My hunch is that the non-interventionist W. Robert and the chickenhawk William R. are one and the same. What gives, Gumby? The swaggering William R. asks, Robert McNamara-like, if we are “willing to pay the price of victory.” Ooooh. If I were a girl (or a Weekly Standard editor), I’d swoon at this display of congressional staffer machismo. As an American, I’m merely disgusted.

— Cody Annixter
Home, PA