I would like to express how much I enjoy reading Chronicles, and particularly the “Letter From the Heartland” that Jane Greer writes.

But “Eastern Montana: a gigantic plate of congealed gravy”? Harsh words from Greer (December 1988), one of the unfortunate residents of North Dakota—the state where the interstate curves so that a driver won’t fall asleep crossing the state’s wide open sameness.

Some of the sights that the Greer family appear to have missed in their frenzy to get to and from the mountains:

—Ft. Peck Dam, the world’s largest earth-filled dam.

—Museum of the Plains Indian.

—CM. Russell Museum, the studio and art of the greatest cowboy artist.

—Makoshika State Park, with the beauty of the badlands in eastern Montana.

—Three separate Indian reservations, a chance to see socialism and your tax dollars at work.

—The missile silos of central Montana (it is difficult not to notice Montana’s contribution to national defense).

—The beauty of eastern Montana, with its wide open spaces. The sense of individuality and humbleness in the face of such an immense and underpopulated area should at least touch a small part of the visitor who comes here with both eyes and mind open.

And in retaliation for the sheep joke, did you hear that North Dakota has bought five thousand septic tanks? As soon as they learn to drive them they’re going to invade Montana.

        —Brent Richlen
Miles City, MT