Michael Hill, in “Scots Nationalism, Yesterday and Today” (November 1995), says that few men of the caliber of our forefathers are alive today and that “we lack the spirit of resistance that moved our forebears to defend their ancient liberties.” If the “we” referred to consists of academics, corporate executives, and conservatives, then I heartily agree with the assessment. However, as a general, demoralizing indictment, it doesn’t obtain.

Gordon Kahl battled federal marshals in the Dakotas, and Robert J. Matthews made his epic, last stand 11 years ago this December on Whidbey Island, Washington. The late Vicki Weaver is of the same mettle as the pioneer women who held the Plains Indians at bay. We do not lack for heroes. What is lacking is a willingness on the part of right-wing men of wealth and station to assist these heroes. The Weavers found a champion in attorney Gerry Spence. Due to Matthews’ eccentric political affiliations, his bones have been left as carrion for tabloid caricature, though his memory is kindled by a small segment of lowerclass, young white Americans.

        —Michael A. Hoffman II
Coeur d’Alene, ID

Dr. Hill Replies:

Mr, Hoffman is correct in pointing out the sacrifices made by the likes of Vicki Weaver, Gordon Kahl, and Robert Matthews against a federal Leviathan bent upon depriving us of our liberties. He is also right when he says that, in general, “academics, corporate executives, and conservatives” lack “a willingness . . . to assist these heroes.” It was not my intention to issue a “demoralizing indictment,” but merely to point out that all too few Americans of every station take seriously the threats to their freedom. I had hoped to challenge those of position and power who fancy themselves conservatives and traditionalists to call forth the courage of our Scottish ancestors in restoring the Old Republic. Undoubtedly, there are tens of thousands of hardworking, patriotic Americans who display this courage every day; however, they lack proper organization and leadership—without which they will not succeed in rolling back the power of the illicit state. To give direction to the emerging populist groundswell, it is time for men of influence to take a stand.