On a Sunday morning I sat down with a cup of black coffee and my July issue of Chronicles to enjoy my leisure time. Enjoy I did until I came to “Sex, Drugs, and a Republican Party” by Mare Morano. My reaction was first disgust, then anger, and finally a flashback to a day in history class 60 years ago.

The teacher was a petite lady. She walked slowly down the aisle among the students and in a very quiet yet serious voice she spoke these words: “When a society goes into a decline it will never stop midway. It will never stop until it hits the bottom and nothing you can do will stop it; so don’t try!” That was when schools were still educating instead of indoctrinating students.

I ask myself every day how near we are to the bottom. Incidentally, was it Mr. Morano’s intent to infer that such scandalous behavior as described in his article is peculiar to the Republican Party? If so, shame on him.

        —Virginia Rinderer
Greenville, IL