While so many publications are content to serve up the same flabby perspectives, it is always refreshing to read Chronicles. Each issue just gets better and better. As luck would have it, the May issue showed up the very same day that I had gone to the public library to catch up on what the parrot press had to say about the burgeoning general crisis. The choices offered up by our great pluralistic and progressive press boiled down to a tour of the post-civilized New World in which one’s options are either riding in the trunk with Procrustes or up front with Madeleine Albright. Suffice it to say, it is practically impossible to distinguish fake right publications like National Review from Clintonista organs like the “Skewed Republic.” Like listening to an entire CD of Schoenberg, these publications have the unique quality of agitating as they simultaneously sedate. By contrast, opening up the May Chronicles had the same invigorating quality’ as a swim in the 46-degree waters of the Colorado River.

        —Tom Sheeley
Flagstaff, AZ