If Trump should actually get the Republican presidential nomination, then the question arises of his Vice-President-to-be. Of course, we should not count our chips before the last hand. The Republican Establishment is sure of its divine right to rule, has money out the kazoo, employs plenty of talent expert at manipulating elections, and has a complete lack of ethics and principle in their pursuit of power. They think principle and policy are advertising gimmicks.

But let’s hope. If Trump is not nominated then we may as well start checking out the prospects in Chile or Argentina. Maybe Costa Rica or New Zealand. Even Brazil.

In selecting a VP nominee let’s not consider the usual electability and ticket balancing. This is a revolutionary year, so let’s do something revolutionary in selecting and measuring by those policies and principles which never trouble the Establishment. We need an administration that will 1) curb immigration, 2) reverse the government’s   wrecking of the real economy in favour of paper tricksters and the ongoing proletarianisation of the working and middle classes, 3) get us out of the mania of worldwide imperialist commitment. Related to all this is the need to deflate the bloated federal government. Few voters fully realize how many parasites are employed by the feds directly or through a multitude of grants—people who are, like immigrants, a built-in Democratic constituency. I saw recently that the feds have 77,000 people paid over $100,000. Most of these cuckoos are doing no work or destructive work. Puncturing the over inflated federal balloon is essential for both the liberty and the prosperity of the American people.

Here are the VP prospects according to my wise but ever humble opinion:

Pat Buchanan, the great and eloquent statesman who has cleared the ground where our present hopes are being sown. He would certainly be an asset in wisdom, in  exposition, and in reassuring Christians.

Jim Webb, a Democrat but who has held office under Reagan. He is a combat veteran Marine, a talented author, and a former Senator. He is on board with policies 2 and 3. He can be persuaded to endorse no. 1 when it is made clear to him that it is necessary and is part of solving no. 2. I don’t know how much Webb would strengthen the ticket or how the nomination of a Democrat will be received. However, as I said, this is a  revolutionary year and there has not been for a long time such an opportunity for break-up of the duopoly, something desired by every lover of his country. However, Webb is sometimes subject to eccentricity. He might even refuse.

Jeff Sessions, the Alabama Senator who has led the fight on immigration and every other contest where the Establishment Republicans have surrendered to Obama with a whimper. The Republicans have never nominated a President or Vice-President from the South. Maybe it is time to recognize where the real voting base of the party is, however ashamed the Establishment will be.

For what it is worth Buchanan is 77 and Webb and Sessions are 69.

If  Cruz gets the nomination his first requirement will be to win over the Establishment. He will inevitably be their man. They may resent loss of patronage, but despite all the current uproar, they and Cruz do not differ significantly on anything. He is unsafe on all three policies, and he will, just like every other Republican President since Nixon, never do anything policy-wise against the Establishment. Being from the South, sort of, he will have to choose a VP from the ruling Deep North elite, someone like Romney, Kasich, or Ryan.  

The bulk of Cruz’s support seems to come from foolish misinterpreters of Revelations who are Israel uber alles. This is scary, as is his Wall Street connection. Nothing offered there except faint hope.