Ten years ago, Chronicles was one of the few American publications pointing out that the American invasion of Iraq would be a disaster for Iraqi Christians.  And so it proved to be.  Since our invasion of Iraq, half of Iraqi Christians have fled, and those who remained have been targets of murder, extortion, and kidnapping by Islamists, who have also murdered Iraqi clergy and bombed Iraqi churches filled with worshippers.

One of the places those Iraqi Christians have fled to is Syria.  Today, Barack Obama is asking Congress to give him authority to unleash America’s military might on Syria.  The Christians of the Mideast are unanimous in opposing Western attacks on Syria, because they realize that the alternative to the Assad regime is rule by Islamists and that Islamist rule will be disastrous for them.   Most Americans are opposed, too, because we have had enough of pointless wars in the Mideast.  Let us hope that Congress listens, and blocks American attacks on Syria.