American Women Don’t Need a ‘Momala’s Day’

Just in time for Mother’s Day, and following three years of epic gaffes, screwups, and hilarious public relations failures, the comms office for Vice President Kamala Harris, has finally scored a victory. In booking her on The Drew Barrymore Show, the Harris camp discovered a public figure who could make the most vapid, the most cringiest, the most inauthentic elected official ever seem almost normal.

If readers have seen Barrymore’s daytime talk show, I’m sorry that happened to you. But it gives you a good idea of what the Biden/Harris administration thinks is representative of American women and what they believe to be the most effective venue for pimping their message to female voters.

If you are wondering when, exactly, Drew Barrymore became a journalist, you are not alone. I’m just outside the intended demographic for daytime television, but I would never  have heard of The Drew Barrymore Show were it not for my gratuitous exposure to such piffle at the gym.

Who knows why she has a talk show? Some daytime television executive must have decided that her personal brand  was sufficiently strong to fill an empty hour of morning television. I only know it’s dreadful.

Drew Barrymore is the most painfully earnest, saccharine-intentioned, utterly uneducated, emotionally needy, fawning daytime television host I’ve ever been unfortunate enough to observe. She is desperate to be liked. She has absolutely no sense of personal space—she’s practically sitting in the laps of her guests. As one wag on X described her, “Drew Barrymore interviews everybody like they have coke and she doesn’t have any money.”

Did you see reports of the episode where she moved from the set’s pink satin armchairs to the floor and knelt imploringly in front of trans person Dylan Mulvaney? Then you too have experienced the wonderful German word fremdschamen, the “vicarious or second-hand embarrassment when someone does something so cringe or embarrassing that you feel embarrassment on their behalf.”

Even though she’s dumb and excruciating to watch, Barrymore is somehow still, as Barack Obama once said about Hillary, likeable enough. So, in criticizing her I feel a bit like I’m playing the part of Governor Kirsti Noem with her poor dog, Cricket. I remember Barrymore fondly as a lisping seven-year-old in ET and even thought she was winsome and self-effacing in movies such as Never Been Kissed and Ever After. It would probably be fun to have a margarita with her.

But then I remember her description of her chaotic and wild childhood. Her father abandoned the family. Her mother exploited her talent for money and fame. “I didn’t have parents, I was the parent to them. It was all totally upside down,” she has said. She started drinking at age nine, and was admitted to rehab for drug addiction by age 13. She was legally emancipated from her parents at age 15. She’s been divorced three times. She doesn’t have a high school degree. It’s a pity for her but she probably shouldn’t be giving advice to anyone, political or otherwise.

Yet Vice President Harris’s team booked her to appear on Barrymore’s show to talk about “the importance of what’s at stake in the next election,” and the importance of voting.

What issues do you think they believe are most important to women? The Biden administration’s immigration policy and the illegal immigrants flooding across our border and ruining our cities, our dumpster fire of an economy, the $30 trillion plus national debt, the endless, unaccounted for taxpayer funds going to a war in Ukraine, “Hamasshole” protesters disrupting our kids’ college campuses? No, women aren’t interested in those icky, boring topics!

Instead, Barrymore asked women in the audience to raise their hands if they were mothers, and then described how her own young daughters gave her life a sense of purpose and meaning that it would not otherwise have had without them—these lives that she has “chosen to protect.” Kamala nodded sagely.

Yep, you guessed it, women have to vote because of “muh abortion rights” and that’s about it. Apparently, the Biden-Harris administration believes that the only topic women care about, the only issue that can galvanize us to vote is when it involves the right to kill a child we have chosen not to protect.

Ghastly, especially coming from a childless diversity queen who is so weird and unnatural around children that she had to hire child actors with whom she could pretend to interact normally in her NASA commercial (‘’You’re gonna literally see the craters on the moon with your own eyes!”).

Barrymore and Harris went on to emphasize the need for all of us to have empathy—empathy in the country. Drew earnestly interjected “I’ve been thinking that we really all need a tremendous hug in the world right now. But in our country, we need you to be ‘Momala’ of the country.”

As a woman, a mother, and a grandmother, this offends me. A “momala?” She’s not even a mother, by the way, but a stepmother. Moreover, I already have a mother, thanks. I’m not voting for a mom but a president to defend my God-given rights and to destroy our enemies. What does this fraudster and Willie Brown concubine know about the terrible beauty of being a mother? And why do patronizing liberals think their sense of weaponized “empathy,” with all its disastrous, unintended consequences, should appeal to me because I am a woman?

All normal people understand that between the sexes, mothers are the fiercest and most deadly when it comes to protecting their families. Yet this administration—the same one that cannot even define what a woman is, that refers to mothers as “birthing people,” and that seeks to strip us of our legal protections and spaces—seeks to “mother” us? Pardon me, but they can sit this one out.

What grates most of all is that the deeply unserious people in the Biden administration think I’m sitting around waiting for the likes of two twits like Drew Barrymore and Kamala Harris to tell me how to think and vote. It’s beyond insulting and demeaning, and it reflects the low regard that this administration has for women. I don’t wake up every day thinking about wanting an abortion or hoping that my daughter can have one. I’m beyond exhausted with this single-issue approach to women. And I don’t watch daytime talk shows.

Live your best life, Drew. You seem like a fun hang. I’d probably watch you in a sequel to 50 First Dates. But stay in your lane and skip the political advice. And let’s be grateful no one is celebrating “Momala’s Day” this Sunday.

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