Eight years ago, I made the case in this magazine that Pat Buchanan has been a “visionary.” That case is even clearer today, with the White House occupied by a man who got there by running on the issues Buchanan had championed for decades and who is now remaking the GOP along populist and nationalist lines, as Daniel McCarthy argued this week in the New York Times.

For decades, Buchanan has championed the ideas that are transforming American politics with wit, grace, panache, and courage. Buchanan is fighting that battle still, with columns that are as sharp as ever, books that impress even hostile publications, and appearances on television buttressed by more learning and insight than that possessed by any dozen or so commentators you can think of, combined and doubled.  Today Pat Buchanan celebrates his 80th birthday. Anyone who enjoys this magazine should offer a toast to its most prominent subscriber, a genuine American statesman. Happy Birthday, Pat!