Thomas Piatak: You contrast our approach to Israel’s immigration policy. Israel has built a fence to keep out illegal immigrants and deported those who managed to get in before the fence. Israel did that because changing the ethnicity of Israel changes the idea of Israel. And you also note that “changing America’s ethnicity changes the idea of America too. Show me in a straight line why we can’t do what Israel does. Is Israel special? For some of us America is special, too.” Since writing these lines has anyone explained to your satisfaction why it is okay for Israel to protect its identity but not okay for America to protect ours?

Ann Coulter: No, though I haven’t sprung it on the world yet, since you are one of the few to have an advance copy of this book. But I am dying to hear what Rick Perry and Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio have to say about it. And Chuck Schumer, I’ll throw in a Democrat. Who’s wrong, us or Israel? I want an answer to that. And I am seriously thinking we ought to take the northern most portion of Mexico and put Israel there.  They’d be happier and we’d be protected. Because they protect their country.

TP: And speaking of that general area of the world, you write that: “Why are the media obsessed with ISIS beheadings but ignore the more frequent head chopping right next door [in Mexico]? It would be as if the French newspapers in the 1930’s were obsessively covering the Chaco War between Bolivia and Paraguay while relegating news about Germany to the back pages.” That’s a very good question. Why do we exaggerate and obsess over remote threats coming from the Middle East while downplaying and ignoring what is happening on our borders and within our borders?

A: I do think it could sound a little bit conspiratorial of me, but I think it’s because of all the open borders advocates. They want the cheap labor so they won’t tell us the truth about what’s happening in Mexico—and Mexicans are much bigger beheaders than ISIS. But the media are very influential. I’ve noticed that a lot of my friends kept wanting to talk about the ISIS beheadings—which are grotesque—but I’ve got news for you, a lot of the videos going around the internet weren’t ISIS beheadings, at all. They were Mexican beheadings from a decade ago. The Mexican drug gangs pioneered videotaped beheadings. And they behead women, children, innocent bystanders. They engage in corpse desecration, hanging corpses from bridges. There is one instance where they rolled a human head across a busy disco dance floor. It’s gruesome, but business needs its cheap labor and Democrats want the votes, so let’s just zip our lips about what is happening in Mexico. 

TP: You also write that: “America will be Brazil, with a well pampered itty-bitty upper class amid an ocean of poor people. Half a century of Kennedy’s immigration law already has us well on the way to becoming a nation of ‘Have Everythings and Have Nothings.’” How important has the existence of a large middle class been to America and how is mass immigration undermining that?

A: The middle class is America. It is the most stunning fact about America, our vast prosperous middle class. England didn’t have that. They have that obnoxious class system. Not America. And in fact, I have always believed the image of the “ugly American” comes from the fact that we have such an enormous [middle class]. Or used to have—it is shrinking now. We are already seeing the results of this.

Well, that’s what America is [becoming], what most of the rest of the world is like, where you have the very rich and their servants. People think: My child won’t be a maid or a gardener. Well, maybe not, maybe a personal trainer, maybe a typist, maybe a personal assistant. You see that in New York. It’s the very rich and their servants. Their yoga instructors, their people who do the catering and produce the flowers and walk the dogs. It’s not like you’re cleaning toilets. But you are a servant to the rich. You’re not making anything. You don’t have a solid middle class job with a good pension you can look forward to. You don’t have a nice home, you don’t expect your kids to do better. And in fact, what’s the point—although this is another subject—what’s the point of even sending most kids to college today? They will major in ethnic studies and the only job they’ll be fit for is working for the government. But we’ll use that as a footnote. More on that later. More in future columns.  

America’s middle class was what set America apart from every other country on earth. The middle class, this vast enormous 80% of the country, was middle class. You had some very poor people and some very rich. Oh my gosh—have you talked to people from Brazil? It’s awful. That’s what this country is headed for. Because what you think of as America’s middle class will be losing their jobs. You will not have people working their way up the ladder, and they will end up, one way or another, as the servants to the one-percent.

TP: You advocate an immigration moratorium. Won’t such a moratorium destroy technological innovation and entrepreneurial zest in America?

A: I’m so glad you mentioned that. No, it seems to me that [with respect to H1 B Visas, that is the] one time liberals are really quite promiscuous in their use of the term “IQ” —is when they are talking about all their “High IQ Tech workers.” But I briefly examined the facts and I don’t think that there is very much evidence that they are bringing in high IQ tech workers. They are bringing in 12- year old girls to have sex with—as Lakireddy Bali Reddy did in San Francisco. They are bringing in personal trainers, they are bringing in busboys and janitors and also I’m sure some perfectly nice computer programmers doing standard computer programming work anybody can do. But their computer programmers can’t switch jobs because that’s the key to the H1B Visa. It’s providing billionaires Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates with indentured servants and putting American engineers and  STEM graduates out of work. But if you look at all of the big successful companies in Silicon Valley, as I describe in my  imaginary column, “Look at what white men have achieved in Silicon Valley!” they’re all founded [by white men]. There may be one that has one [Asian] immigrant someplace but considering 65% of the H1B Visas have been going to Asians for the past 30 years, there better be. Where is their Netscape, where is their Google, where is their PayPal, where is their Facebook? And I hate Facebook, but still…. Weirdly, it’s all white American men and one Canadian with Uber.

TP: Isn’t the Republican Party doomed if it doesn’t embrace mass immigration?

A: No, they are doomed if they don’t stop it. They’ve got to stop it. Instead of trying to figure out which candidate is right on the precise issues, I’ve been dropping my standards like mad as I see people like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio campaigning. My new demand is I just want a candidate who can do math. That’s all I want. And unless we are getting 51% of the votes of any particular group, we are losing. Check with one of your one H1B Visa holders to figure out the math on that one. Even for George Bush, who basically turned his White House into a Hispanic outreach group, his big success was 40% of Hispanics. Yay!!! Okay, so the worst the Democrats are ever going to do is 60%. It reminds me of the old joke about the guy who is selling apples and his son comes to him to help with the business and says, “Hey, Dad, it costs us a $1.00 to produce each apple but you are selling them for $.90.” And the Dad says, “No, no, no, don’t worry, I figured it out. I’m going to buy a second wheel barrow and we’ll make up for it on volume”.   

That’s what Republicans are saying. Well, they vote eight to two against us but maybe if we bring in more of them, they’ll only vote against us seven to three. No, this is math that doesn’t work. [They need to] run up the white numbers. In fact, I pointed this out to the former LA Mayor. The last good [mayor], probably the last Republican [mayor], Richard Riordan. He was boasting to me that he got 40 percent–or whatever—of the Hispanic vote 1 million years ago. And I said, no, no, no, you would not get 40% today. The 40% you got would still vote for you—but they just happen to be about 10% of the Hispanic vote now. Because there have always been Hispanics in America. Hispanic families who have been here for 200 years—yeah, they are voting Republican.  

But this is the path of all immigrants. It’s not just Hispanics, it’s not just Arabs, it’s not just anybody else. By definition, any immigrant who comes to America is making America less free and more statist because they come from more statist countries. The same way any immigrant to Finland makes that country less white. We are the freest country in the world. So the normal path of immigrants is: They vote Democrat overwhelmingly, and 100 years later they start splitting their vote. We don’t have time to wait, especially when we are doing the sorcerer’s apprentice thing, bringing new ones in simultaneously with trying to convert the ones already here. No, the numbers do not work. Yes, eventually we will get 50% of Hispanics, like we have about 50% of Italians, 50% of Irish. It has been 100 years and [we’ve had] Ronald Reagan as President and we still can’t get more than that? No, this is a death sentence for Republicans. And they are idiots if they don’t understand that.

TP: You write that the “Republicans should ask Democrats why is it so vitally important to keep bringing in workers to compete with low skilled Americans and drive down their wages”. Why are Republicans so reluctant to deploy such a strategy?

A: It is baffling, this weird asymmetrical warfare, rhetorical warfare we have where 100% of Democrats, ethnic activists, Chamber of Commerce Lobbyists, and everyone on MSNBC are allowed to say, “This is fantastic, America is becoming browner”. But we are not allowed to say, “We don’t think so.” Why can they say it’s good for the ethnic composition to change but we can’t say we liked America the way it was? And I might add, as I do in the book, this isn’t what they said when they passed the 1965 Immigration Act. Oh no, Teddy Kennedy and the rest of them swore up and down, do not worry, the ethnic composition of this country will not change—in fact we are going to get better immigrants, smarter immigrants, it’s a meritocratic system, and then, wham! – suddenly all of our immigrants are from Mexico. But we can’t say, “You lied !” 

TP: Where do the one percent stand on immigration and why don’t the usual critics of the one percent even care?

A: I came from a dinner party with the one percent after I turned in the first draft of my book,  and I will say these were good, honorable, American one-percenters—I was the poverty stricken person at the table—but they were such idiots on immigration.  I came home and in just one night wrote up a chapter as a place holder after realizing how stupid rich people are. And then as we went to press I thought, Ah screw it, I like that title. [The title of the chapter is, “I Wrote This Chapter After Noticing How Stupid Rich People Are”].    

Their hearts are in the right place but there are a couple problems with rich people. One is a global problem. They are fantastic at one thing, maybe a few things, and they made an enormous pile—and good for them! They were terrific at it. I have a fair number of rich friends and most of them aren’t like this and if they are, I am snotty enough to them to get them to stop. But most of them tend to think “Because I am good at this one thing I know everything about everything else” Well, no—you don’t! You know about your thing. It’s like the old Donald Rumsfeld [line], the “known-unknowns” and the “unknown-unknowns.” These are unknown unknowns to you, you don’t even know you don’t understand this issue.  

Also, it is a tendency I suppose with all humans, but one-percenters spend a lot of time talking to other one-percenters, hearing somebody else smart in some particular area repeat the same things. Which is why they are all donating to Jeb Bush! I went on Hannity and said, “You’re wasting your money, Wall Street. You don’t have to listen to me, I know you won’t, but I promise you he will not be the next president. I doubt he will be our nominee”. Some of my secret spies within the one percent say the exact same thing to me, they’ll say, “Yep, I was in so-and-so’s office and he got a call from another—name [some] other famous one-percenter here—and yep, they’re all coalescing around Jeb Bush.” So it just gets reinforced by repetition. 

The third thing is what I said earlier about the only immigrants they see being Lupe the maid. Though if I ever hear Lupe is “like family” again, I will strangle them. Because what I remember is, I never asked certain family members to serve the dinner and not sit down with us and then to clean up afterwards. So she is not really “like family,” after all.

TP: But the one percent, and you make this point repeatedly, are very strongly in favor of mass immigration. They are pushing that agenda. But the people who normally care about the nefarious goings on of the one percent – they ignore this. 

A: Oh right, I didn’t answer part two. Part of it is because it never gets talked about. Never, never, never—thus my blind terror [about] this book being completely blacklisted. People only think about what they hear on the news. That’s part of it. And as for the liberal Occupy Wall Street types, they don’t believe anything. They are just anarchists, a mob, as described in my book Demonic. To the extent they think about it, they realize “this will empower us!”

TP: At the end of your book you write, “The endless flow of needy immigrants is soaking up every last dollar of government aid, every last low wage job, every hour of assistance and every quantum of charitable giving. After all the county has been through, only since 9/11… America needs to worry about Americans”. Do you see any hope that we are going to start doing that?

A: Well, this book is my last shot. Some of my friends are pessimistic and say, I’m quoting, “At least I won’t have to live through it, we’ll watch the decline of America but it’s over now, there is no hope.” I’m a Christian like you, we can’t despair, but I think we are getting very close to the end and this is my last shot to wake people up. And if the book is blacklisted and I can’t get it out there, at least some future generations will have a list for the death squads. It’s going to be really popular when the other 49 states become California. And, as people like me say about Peter Brimelow and Pat Buchanan now, they’ll say, “if only they had listened to her. If only they had listened.”

TP: Thanks very much, Ann.


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