The girls aren’t signing up for combat roles in the Marines Corps as fast as the sisterhood would like, NPR reports.

The Marines will begin training the first women for ground combat jobs in June. But it could be a challenge because so far no women recruits have signed up for armor, artillery or infantry positions.

In addition, some 200 women Marines already completed ground combat training last year as part of an experiment. But so far they have chosen to stay in their current jobs, ranging from truck drivers to comptrollers to helicopter refuelers, and have not opted to switch to combat jobs.

In late February, Rachel Lu posted a very fine piece on the “gender insanity” behind the push for women in combat, which might explain why few women seem interested in mixing it up with the boys.

Men were built for fighting. Women were built for childbearing. It’s interesting to note how stubbornly true—even obvious—these statements remain, despite aggressive efforts to bury them.

Modern people have a penchant for denying obvious things.

Indeed they do, including this:

The Marine Corps commissioned a study that found that their strongest female recruits (top 25%) were about on par with the weakest male recruits (bottom 25%). Women undergoing entry-level marine training were an appalling six times more likely to suffer injury, including especially high rates of musculoskeletal injuries due to movement with heavy loads. (Even women who seem spectacularly fit may still sustain pelvic fractures from long marches with a standard military pack.) Mixed-gender units were slower and less lethal, and sustained more casualties.

In short, women don’t make very good soldiers. The exceptions are few and don’t stand out much by elite military standards. Women can certainly be courageous, patriotic, and self-sacrificing, but the female body was not built for combat.

We’ve been saying this at Chronicles for some time, but anyway, ideology is one thing that causes people to deny the obvious. In this case, the ideology is feminism.

Everyone knows putting women in combat is a crazy idea, including lady Marines. So feminism doesn’t just deny the obvious. It affirms the crazy.